Having trouble integrating Arlo

I decided to get a Netgear Arlo system, largely because of its SmartThings support. But in setting it up it’s not integrating so smoothly. What I want to accomplish is to control recording of video clips only using SmartThings and not the Arlo app. The SmartThings Smart Home Monitor is doing what it should, but it appears there’s no way to disarm the Arlo app from alerting and recording on its own. Pretty frustrating to be at home and constantly getting alerts that there’s motion in the house. Has anyone here succeeded in finding a more workable setup? Thanks.

I think I found the best solution… I created a virtual switch in ST & a SmartApp to turn it on when anyone is present at home, off when noone present. Then in IFTTT I created an applet to arm Arlo when the virtual switch is off & disarm when on. Not super elegant but it looks like it’s working.

There’s a much better way to do what you’re trying to do, but it’s a bit more confusing than maybe it would be. The general gist though is in the Arlo app you should have a mode called SmartThings. You select that and then you do everything else with ST by turning on/off the cameras based on whatever you want. So you could say if present turn off these cameras or if gone turn these on etc. In the Arlo app under mode you can create rules for what happens when motion is detected on the various cameras. It works pretty well. If you need more detail I can look when I get home. Good luck!

Hmm, maybe I’ll set it up again in ST and play with it more. When I has Arlo set up with SmartThings mode, I couldn’t see how to arm & disarm Arlo’s motion detection. Must have missed something, will look again. Thanks.