Arlo Pro 3 Integration

Well… I think I’ve created a monster and need some help taming it…

I have wished and wished for Arlo Pro 3 integration with ST. Something has changed recently as I check regularly in ST to see if support is there for Pro 3 when adding a device. Today I looked and sure enough, the options for Arlo cameras in “add device” have changed, so I proceeded with “linking” my Arlo account with ST and it sees all of my cameras in setup!

My issue is when I go to devices, none of my cameras are there. The bigger issue is now if my cameras see motion they are setting off my SHM. I have no way to see or control them in ST!? I have looked in devices as well as SHM but no cameras are listed. Can someone help me sort my issue out, or at minimum tell me how to disconnect the Arlo / ST relationship so I can arm my SMH again? I have to leave it disarmed because the cameras are seeing dogs in the house and setting SHM off.

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To disconnect the Arlo integration, go to menu > settings > linked services. Left swipe to delete.

Sorry, that is the only question I can answer. Hopefully others can provide more info on the remaining questions.

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Thanks, JKP! That solved my issue. I guess there are still some bugs for the Arlo Pro 3 integration.

You can select which motions are included in monitoring for both stay and away in STHM - just exclude your Arlos.

Follow this post on how to switch from the old integration to the new

Then go into STHM and de-select those cameras from the motion sensors.

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I tried that. They are visible under “view sensors” in SHM. When I go into tools>security>Set up armed sensors, they are not there to select/deselect.

Definitely looks like a bug. My pro and pro 2s show up perfectly fine.

I’m afraid what I want isn’t likely after reading the other post about the new integration.

All I want to do is:

  • Turn cameras off when ST mode is Home (I’m home)
  • Turn curtain cameras on when ST mode Night (I’m home in bed)
  • Turn certain cameras on when ST mode is Away (I’m gone).

I don’t really want to trigger SHM with my Arlo cameras, I already have that covered. I just want to control what cameras are on/off depending on ST mode.

Can anyone comment if this is possible with ST? It’s a shame Arlo can’t offer this… I use geofence, but, it misses the scenario when I’m home in armed Stay.

may be possible - according to this post:

They are enabling the switch capability on the cameras, which chould theoretically cause them to be turned on/off through automation - it’s not all on or all off by mode as I’m sure we all want, but you could use it to setup your cams how you want them as ‘armed’ then sleep them. The problem comes if you want a cam to not trigger a recording but still report motion. That would likely require a mode change, while I know the integration itself doesn’t support that - i haven’t worked out if it’s possible using current features or the remaining features in ArloAssistant:

Honestly, all of this kind of surprised a lot of us so we’re sill trying to unwind it. :slight_smile:


Gotta live in the ST app to catch it Nathan :stuck_out_tongue: First popped up in August.

I fully expect we’ll see similar migrations for ring, ecobee, Lutron etc in the future.

You know I only HALF live in the app Jimmy… :slight_smile:

I HOPE so! Now, if we could get a few other of the coding initiatives to move as fast as this one apparently is… :slight_smile:

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So, I have finally got my Arlo Pro 3 working with my New ST (with the help of ST tech support on this forum)! I love it! I turn cameras on/off based on ST modes, works great!

Did I read somewhere it’s possible to see small camera previews on the ST home page? If so, How would I do that? I don’t see any options that would give me that…

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I think you need to have multiple cameras. How many cameras do you have connected to SmartThings?

I have five (5) cameras. This is my current view:

if you tap the + in the upper right is there a create group option?

OK… I’m following. Thank you. I guess my first issue is it’s limited to four cameras

As previously posted, I recently started controlling my Arlo Pro 3 with ST. I’m noticing an issue that I’m not sure how to address. I hope someone here (@arlo_eng, @shravan) can offer suggestions or tell me what I’m doing wrong.

I use ST to turn cameras on/off through certain scenes. The integration is working and turning them on/off as intended, but, after being turned off and back on (through ST) the cameras act as if they aren’t armed and don’t pick up motion. Again, they show to be on in ST and in the Arlo app they show to be on and armed. My only solution to this issue is to disarm and arm them again in the Arlo app and they start motion notification again…? This defeats the whole purpose of the integration for me.

Good Morning,

I decided to try my Arlo Pro 3 integration again since it’s been a few months. I’m having more success this time. I have noticed one issue though…

  • I keep my cameras armed in the Arlo app

  • I use ST automation to turn cameras on/off based on ST mode (Home, Away, etc)

When I come home, ST mode is switched and cameras show to be off in both ST and Arlo, but, some are still detecting motion because I see the spotlight on the camera come on when I walk by. There are no recordings in the cloud or notification sent, but, the camera is definitely triggered every time I walk by.

Not the end of the world, but, it is eating battery life up because it’s a high traffic area (living room)

Any ideas? @arlo_eng @shravan