Arlo Offline in ST

I recently integrated my Arlo Pro 3 cameras with ST. Yesterday when I woke up my cameras showed offline in ST, but work fine in the Arlo app. They are still showing offline today in ST. I haven’t changed a thing. Any ideas? @arlo_eng

Same issue here for all my Arlo.

My integration stopped working (new one), Believe it was because aws went down for 36 hours as @JDRoberts posted

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I am having similar issues with Arlo integration, where the motion sensors on the cameras not triggering and the infrared lights come on at night even though the cameras are disarmed and off. I decided to remove and re-add the cameras and now integration is completely off, where the ‘Smarthings’ mode from the Arlo app has disappeared. Smartthings Routines turns cameras on/off but not able to arm/disarm.

Support was completely dismissive and not helpful at all. Here is what I got in response from them:

@shravan in the arlo schema integration thread has been very helpful. Read there

Thanks Joe. I tried those suggestions from the other thread and ‘Smartthings mode’ is still unavailable. I’ll post in the other thread as well.

Things are back to normal for me, after I realized that ‘Smartthings mode’ is not available anymore. Instead, all Arlo cameras have to be setup permanently in ‘Armed’ mode in the Arlo app

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My cameras still show offline in ST. Work fine in Arlo. I have Arlo Pro 3 cameras and I have never had “Smartthings Mode” available in Arlo. I always leave them armed and let ST turn them on/off.

They were available in ST until Thursday morning. I haven’t changed a thing. @shravan