Does Arlo / SmartThings Integration Still Fumctiin?

Hi all. I have just installed an Arlo 4 camera setup in my home. I followed ST instructions for connecting to Arlo account etc. And the cameras and siren all show up as things.

I selected cameras to monitor in the SHM for both home and away modes.

Based on reading a number of older posts I was expecting to see a couple of new modes to appear in the Arlo app - these have not appeared.

Depending on the ST state (SHM mode), ST appears to disable cameras that are not used within that mode rather than switch the Arlo mode. This means the cameras are effectively offline and can not be used for live view as opposed to them simply not triggering motion or audio alerts.

I was then looking at the Arlo Pilot integration as an alternative but then read a thread suggesting that this had been broken.

Does anyone know of an authoritative statement of the current state of the official integration and how ST actually interacts with and controls Arlo as it appears that my ST is not using Arlo modes but simply enabling/disabling cameras.

Any pointers gratefully received.

BTW. I am using the Classic ST app.