Arlo Pro 2

I recently bought and installed the new Arlo pro 2 1080p 2-camera set with base station and was surprised to find out that the new Arlo Pro 2 model is not supported by SmartThings. Does anyone know of any device handlers or smartapps that can be used to bring in Arlo pro 2 cameras into the SmartThings app to be controlled by automations, live feeds, clips or still images etc?
Only the base station is showing up in SmartThings which just allows control of the siren from the base station (man, that thing can get loud!)

Also, does anyone know of a way to use Arlo cameras with ActionTiles and/or display camera feeds on Android Tv such as the Nvidia Shield?

Thanks for your help

@tgauchat can comment about ActionTiles

Unfortunately, Arlo does not (nor SmartThings) offer an open format feed that can be used in ActionTiles.

Ugh, double whammy… the whole reason I bought the Arlo Pro 2 was because it’s 1080p and I thought it was supported by SmartThings… seems the consensus is to go with Blink cameras and use the @RBoy integration. Will probably pack it up and send back… although I do really like the quality of these cameras

To be clear, I didn’t mean to imply Arlo is not “supported by SmartThings” (I think it is, probably).

I meant to say that SmartThings won’t relay a transcoded video stream from any camera to ActionTiles or other software.

Well, the Arlo Pro 2 does not have a way to show up in SmartThings apparently. The older cameras can be brought in I think

Arlo Pros Do have limited support, when it works. I would think the new cams would tie in like the Pro originals.

Netgear claims the Arlo Pro 2 will integrate with Smarthings in the future. Right now it looks like only IFTTT is supported.

I have 3 of the older Arlo’s and 2 of the Arlo Pro 2’s with the new base station. I can confirm the old ones continue to work fine with the new base station but the new cameras are not discovered by SmartThings. I’ve had the old cameras and SmartThings for about a year now and I can vouch for it being pretty bad @$$. I wouldn’t give up on Arlo just yet; the cameras literally just came out a week ago so give them a couple more weeks to fix this bug.

Arlo Pro 2 is now supported. Enjoy!


Hi @twack good to hear, although I’m still not able to add the Arlo Pro 2 Cameras to SmartThings. I’m on Android. Also, Arlo Pro 2 does not show up in the devices list as and option to choose from. The base station is discoverable and added but that’s always worked.
Thanks for any help

The integration is broken. I cannot get the Arlo SmartThings mode to hold settings. I configure it for recording video on motion detected, turn off push notifications and it works for a period of time. After about an hour or so, I’ll notice that I’m getting push notifications. Checking the Arlo app shows that all mode settings for that camera have reverted back to defaults.

If I delete the rule and create it manually the behavior tracks. If I remove the camera from ST, but leave the rule configured to record video on motion the settings DO NOT revert. This behavior only occurs when the camera is integrated to SmartThings. I’ve also been able to cause the mode settings to revert by saving the camera settings in the SmartThings app. My other 5 Arlo Pro’s (Not Pro 2) do not exhibit this behavior and work as expected, with no settings reverting to defaults.

Going to open a ticket and cross-post to the Arlo support team.

I’ve noticed the same issue and behavior

Obviously nobody at Netgear or SmartThings actually tested the Arlo Pro 2 before announcing support of the Pro 2.


What’s going on here.?? Support is not being helpful and claim on my ticket below it’s not supported.

Officially, the Arlo Pro 2 cameras are not a supported camera for SmartThings, therefore any number of odd issues can happen when you add an Arlo Pro 2 camera to the SmartThings integration.

The best thing I can suggest here is to urge you to keep the Arlo Pro 2 camera out of the SmartThings integration.

I will add a feature request for the support of Arlo Pro 2 cameras, but I am not able to promise if or when that will happen.

Going nowhere fast here and becoming highly discouraged with both SmartThings (Ticket #439505) support and Arlo (Case# 29214257) support.

Nobody wants to own this problem which apparently only occurs with the Arlo Pro 2 camera.

My work around so far has been to disable push notifications in the Arlo iOS app and create a secondary rule for recording on the Pro 2 camera. This of course now means that I won’t be able to get Arlo notifications when specific event occur, but I’ll have to live with that I guess.

Scratch that. Within hours recording becomes disabled. There apparently is absolutely no way to integrate the Pro 2 into SmartThings and still have it record to the cloud. Within hours of enabling the integration the rules revert all settings to stock and disable recording. If I delete the rule in the SmartThings mode and create my own record rule, it gets overwritten within hours.

The integration is junk. It’s broken and Arlo is blaming SmartThings, SmartThings support tells me it’s an Arlo issue. Nobody wants to own the problem, and support on both sides of the fence are blaming the other. Everyone is passing the buck, and nobody from ST will publicly acknowledge this in this thread.

This is stupid.

FWIW if you have the ability plug in cameras, I was never impressed by Arlo’s quirks, viewing and recording limitations or pricing or the trouble and slowness of accessing video within SmartThings mobile app. I use a couple outdoor “Amcrest ProHD Outdoor 4-Megapixel (2688 x 1520P) WiFi Wireless IP Security Bullet Camera - IP67 Weatherproof, IP4M-1026B (Black)” for $209 at Newegg.

These are super high quality day or night compared to Arlo and easy on wifi bandwidth with HEVC/h.265 efficiency and record on motion with Blue Iris on an old Windows PC. Blue Iris also makes HTTP(S) requests via IFTTT Maker to Smartthings to turn on almost instantly (2 to 3 seconds) lights, alerts, virtual switches, or whatever when video motion is detected in certain modes or presence scenarios. Live view and motion triggered recordings are accessible in about 2 seconds load time with the Blue Iris Android/iOS app.

Recordings (with user configurable pre-motion/pretrigger duration) are also uploaded within seconds to Google Cloud Storage for almost nothing in Cloud cost per month. If someone breaks in and takes the old PC, I can still view the recordings from the Cloud storage bucket.

The Blue Iris web server also supports viewing live video reliability in ActionTiles and video streams live without issue whenever the dashboard is running on the wall.

It probably sounds more complex than it is. It all just works and takes care of itself. Old files archive and delete themselves from the cloud, and surveillance is never impacted by ST (or Arlo) integration outages, app loading slowness etc.


Any updates with Arlo Pro 2 and smartthings integration?

Thank you!

Apparently not, and I’m pretty pissed that i made the pretty reasonable assumption - since my plain Arlo cams work fine with my Smartthings, and there is an option in ST for adding regular OR Pro cameras, AND both Arlo and Samsung seem to be at the the top of their respective games, with a gazillion common customers, the thought never even entered my mind that the Pro 2 update wouldn’t work with ST.

Pissed that I bought it, set it up in Arlo, LIKE IT, threw out the packaging last week, and now discover I’m left hanging. Duped by my own brand trust. They (both?) have broken that trust.