ST-integrated Camera Question

Good morning. I’m getting frustrated with trying to settle on a camera to use with my ST system. I feel like I’ve spent 12-15 hours on the community boards trying to find workarounds and I’m fairly certain I’ve exhausted all of the things I’ve seen people suggest might work. I’ve tried the following:

Samsung SmartCam HD Pro 1080p Full-HD Wi-Fi Camera ($129)
Works well, integrates nicely with ST, but won’t integrate with SmartTiles/ActionTiles after the most recent firmware update.

Amcrest IP2M-841 ($79)
Excellent picture quality, love that it has pan/tilt/zoom, unable to integrate with ST even with a custom device handler after an April 2017 firmware update. There’s a more recent firmware update (June or July 2017) but that doesn’t seem to solve the problem. The price point on this device is splendid, but only adds to the frustration since it doesn’t integrate.

Arlo Q by NETGEAR – 1080p HD Security Camera ($150)
I’m open to trying this device next, but the trial process is getting a little expensive. Does anyone know with certainty that (a) this device will integrate to work with video in the ST app and (b) work as an embedded stream or still photo (I’m OK with either) in ActionTiles?

Thank you to anyone who is willing to take a moment to weigh in here.

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Also, it appears as though the Arlo Q doesn’t permit saving recordings locally or to FTP server, which is slightly less than awesome.

I went through the same battle. I found a older D-Link DCS2132 which is “unofficially officially” supported and used that for SmartThings for our nursery because it was the easiest way to check on the baby when we were out and there was a baby sitter. You can get the older D-Links like a DCS-5222L for $50 and it will integrate into SmartThings and also has local storage. Its only 720p but for me at that price its good enough. Wish the outdoor version (DCS-2330L weatherproof and good from -13F - 113F) would drop in price…its also 720p and a couple years old but still goes for $150.

I’ve read too many negatives abut the Arlos to attempt to buy one. I have a Foscam not hooked up to SmartThings in my garage that records locally on motion (we leave our garage door open a lot…). Its a nice little camera for $60. I’ve look at the Blink ones too. The issue is, for me, we will just live stream a camera for 30 minutes sometimes so battery powered ones aren’t a good fit. If the Arlo Q Plus were cheaper I’d lean twords them, could integrate and run on PoE. But they are not.

I’m hoping SmartThings expands their “officially” supported camera list soon and if/when that happens I’ll re-evaluate. Otherwise those D-Links are decent for the money.


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For ActionTiles, Foscam cameras which support MJPEG streams are a good option.

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Unfortunately, Arlo (along with other cameras that use complex or locked-down streams) are not compatible with ActionTiles Media Tiles.

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Yeah the Arlo ones are good to trigger motion events and record if something is detected, but you can’t access the stream at all outside of the app that comes with the device.

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Foscam’s are very flexible in that regard, you can access the stream from the ST Mobile app, the native Foscam App, native camera Web Page and ActionTiles.

The only downside is that it doesn’t integrate with SHM the way Arlo does.

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Yeah I have 4 Foscams using your software and they work great :grinning:


Thank you so much, Allan. I’m going to order a D-Link camera this weekend and give it a try. My trial-and-error pile is getting a little out of control. I have three cameras, three of which don’t do what I need. Thanks for all the info!

Thanks for the confirmation. If I try the D-Link DCS-5222L camera, do you know if that will typically work?

I’ll research these in addition to the D-Link cameras. Thank you so much for taking time to respond and help me.


According to this reference and a couple others, that camera can supply an MJPEG stream, so that’s a hopeful sign. Authentication of the form “http://user:password@address” is blocked by Chrome desktop and many other browsers, so I can’t say there might not be other hurdles.

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LOL - I feel your pain that on top of a hoarding streak of buying multiple of everything under the sun…

Hope you planned new set up works works!

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Hi tgauchat/RBoy (whose app/dh service I use!!)

So which wire free (including power) works so far.

Like David above I’m buying and hoping for the best with all thing smart home since I become an addict…

I currently have a Samsung Smartcam HD and an Arlo - disappointing like you pointed out the issues those two probably won’t work anytime soon with streaming.

I am trying a couple of ideas

  1. Raspberry Pi with Blueiris streaming solution - in which case would either of my two camera works?

  2. a new camera to direct stream (MJPEG!? Support) onto your Tiles

My problem is that our front porch does not have any power/Ethernet outlet at all so I’m stuck with camera that has to be completely wire free - even though someone said it’s not a good set up with wireless camera but have no choice.

If neither of my existing will ever work for option 1 which wire free camera would you recommend to replace my Arlo? (Must be able to turn off infrared as it’s pointing out in front of window). I looked around all the make/mode mentioned in various posts but they are tend to be WiFi not wireless . Blink seems to have more potential to work according to my searches on the forum?

Thanks for your time.


Hi, Allan! I got my camera today and was up and running on both ST and Action Tiles within about 15 minutes. Just wanted to say “thank you” again for the suggestion!


Hey there! I was up and running on ST within about 5 minutes. I had the camera streaming on ActionTiles within about 10 more minutes. You were right that it doesn’t display in Chrome, but I typically use Safari and it works like a charm there. Thank you again!

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