Which Arlo Security Camera To Use With SmartThings

Now that I have SmartThings working with outlets and motion I want to integrate a few wireless security cameras. Looking at Arlo and I see several models. Arlo, Arlo Pro, Arlo Pro2, Ultra, and more but I’ll limit the ones noted. I’m looking for wireless, indoor, outdoor weatherproof, and simple. One of my immediate question is: using my SmartThings Hub can I fully integrate the Arlo security camera without the use of the Arlo base station and if so, which Arlo model, (I’m thinking Arlo Pro).

I welcome any insight from the more experienced users of SmartThings and Arlo. Thank You

You need the base station. I have 2 Arlo Pros and an Arlo Pro2 The Pro2 has some additional capabilities like always recording and zones but in order to use those they have to be powered externally they don’t allow either capability on the battery alone. Also the 24H recording requires a subscription service.

I don’t really use the smartthing integration for much. I have my modes turn the cameras on and off with webcore and I get notifications on motion. I use the Arlo app for viewing.

There are several advantages to using either the Pro or Pro2 cameras.

  1. Two way audio communications.
  2. Ability to use solar panels or either indoor or outdoor chargers. (Batteries for the original HD cameras can get expensive).
  3. Base station has a pretty loud built in siren.
  4. The Pro2 records in 1080p for a little better resolution.

Terminal and hbr, thanks for responding. Both raise good points to consider. I will continue to research Pro and Pro2 capabilities. So, if I choose the Pro2 it seems I would need to power them by a house outlet, correct?

If you want to use zones and/or 24 hour recording then yes. Otherwise it can be run off the battery alone.

The solar panels work really well. I have one of my Pros powered by a solar panel and it has been humming along for couple of years now. I have never seen it get below 90%. YMMV depending on placement and how much sun you get. Still can’t use the extra capabilities with a solar panel I don’t think, it has to have constant external power.