Arlo & Smart Tiles

I just purchased the new Arlo Pro system and I use Smart Tiles. Does anyone know a way to integrate the camera into Smart Tiles? Is this not possible with Arlo?

I believe you have to have an independent URL for each camera? Arlo comes with its own router, so I am wondering if this would not allow integration?

The best place to ask for SmartTiles Video advice is the Topic below. You may search it for an existing answer or there are folks there who have tried many camera types and combinations.

The general answer is that SmartTiles provides relatively “rudimentary” video support by just supporting stream types that are native to modern browsers, rather than any sort of plug-ins or transcoding servers. We wish that SmartThings would give us direct access to Camera Streams from the SmartThings Hub … then we could offer compatibility with nearly all the same cameras SmartThings supports. For now, however, SmartThings has not given us this option.

Video compatibility will improve in little leaps when we get the opportunity to figure out how to incorporate popular standards.

@tgauchat thanks for your response, I really hope that Smart Things allows integration, as this only makes sense on supported products!

I will send out a question on the thread above and see if anyone knows a work around. I have iPads mounted in my wall with smart tiles located in two separate rooms of our home and like the idea of just being able to walk over and check on a camera feed to see status, as opposed to grabbing my cell phone for convenience!

Based on your response above, with “Rudimentary” support, is it in your opinion would having video in smart tiles be on your high criteria list, as for the reason I motioned above or would you not let this dictate your decision? Lastly, do you personally have any experience with Foscam Cameras? I hear a lot about those on the forums and seems to be a popular choice. I choice Arlo for the “Completely” wireless convenience; as well, now they support two-way audio and have rechargeable batteries, so seemed like a option worth at least integrating, even if I decide to take them back.

Thanks for your feedback :slight_smile:

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There are a lot of considerations for choosing a camera type; that can be a good thing or not so good.

I have a couple old Foscams and they serve me well, and @RBoy has written a DTH that integrates them with SmartThings (though I don’t think they qualify for cloud streaming storage). They do have MJPEG feeds and work with SmartTiles.

Foscam USA has recently become “Armcrest” and severed ties with their international supplier. I’m guessing the Armcrest cameras may steadily have better quality, but Foscam was inexpensive.

Cameras with simple MJPEG streams are become more rare due to high-resolution / high-compression formats and streaming protocols (RTSP, etc.), so we really don’t know what SmartTiles will be able to do in the future. Android is building in RTSP support (I hear, but have not yet tested).

If you only have a few cameras and don’t need to frequently directly access panning and other camera controls, the convenience of intermingling video streaming (or 5 second snapshot) Tiles in with your Thing Controls & Thing Status Tiles is very nifty and valuable.

IHMO: SmartThings doesn’t do video well (so far)… and only support up to 4 cameras per hub. They’ll get better, and have features SmartTiles can’t offer (streaming storage, I guess), but that may not be critical if you use some other type of SD-Card or Cloud storage.

For large number of cameras, Blue Iris gets good ratings, if you can afford to run a small PC (<$200) to handle the capture and serving. Other transcoding options, both local server or cloud, are available, but can get complicated. It’s those complications that make people want SmartThings (and SmartTiles!) do a better job with video…

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