Arlo Pro Siren

Are we able to control the siren of the Arlo Pro Base Station from Smartthings, so that it can be used for more than just motion? Such as if a door opens?

Anyone, before I shell out $500 lol

No. The integration does not support triggering the Arlo siren from SmartThings. Still worth it however since it’s the most deeply integrated camera system available to SmartTHings. I would advise against buying Blink at the moment.

Just installed the Arlo Pro yesterday and overall I’m happy with it. If the siren integrated into SmartThings, then I’d be thrilled about it. I bought a Fortrezz siren but threw it away as it was impossible to mount cleanly (and wouldn’t run on the battery alone and I’d already cut off the unsightly exterior wires), but given that the Arlo already has a siren, if I were able to program that to go off when my security monitor triggered that would be a truly killer app - and one that wouldn’t require additional hardware or installation.

Please please please open up the Arlo Pro siren so SmartThings can access it as a device! Right now Arlo is great and SmartThings is great but there’s really no reason I can think of to integrate them together. The less SmartThings makes this integration worthwhile the more SmartThings just becomes my zigbee/z-wave gateway and my actual automation and integration is done through IFTTT and Alexa…

The Arlo siren is so loud and perfect as an alarm siren, it makes no sense to me why they wouldn’t allow it to be used as a ‘thing’ in smartthings to be controlled separately.

The Arlo Pro Basestation Siren is fully supported as an alarm device as of this month.


Where can I find information about how to integrate it?

When you add the cameras from a Pro Basestation you’ll see the alarm device.


Thanks! Just found it in the Arlo (Connect) Smart app - it was listed as “Arlo Basestation”.

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Great that the Arlo siren can now be integrated. But I’m having trouble setting this up. I already have a routine in Automation in SHM called “Sound Alarm” and in this routine under “Turn on these lights or switches” is Aeon Siren which triggers if “Something Opens” and I am not in Home mode. I added the Arlo Base Station along with Aeon Siren, but the latter will not trigger. BTW, the Arlo Base station is listed as a device in My Home, and I can trigger it manually there but not with my automation routine. Advice? thanks!

I have been looking at how to get the siren working but I don’t find it anywhere within SmartThings. Do I need to disconnect Arlo and reconnect since I’ve had it setup before the new support was added?

Also, when I do get this figured out, can I set it to only arm when I run certain routines? That’s how I have the camera’s and I only have those armed when I’m not home. Although when I finally move a couple of them outside I’ll probably arm those two all the time. I was thinking about having the siren armed only at night when I go to bed. I’m concerned about a false alarm causing my dog to go nuts. At least if I’m there when it happens I can calm her down.

This does not work BTW. You can NOT trigger Arlo siren when something happens. The inclusion of Arlo siren (base station) only works if you turn it on and off from “My Home” and does not work in routines. Therefore this is of no use at all. The only meaningful use for adding the siren as a device is if you are able to trigger it using a routine.

Uh, mine’s working fine. are you using smarthome monitor? On the last screen of the Security setup, it has “Alert with Sirens”. If you click that, it has Select Sirens. Mine says Camera Server, and if I check the box, I get a siren. You can even set the duration in the previous screen. So what are you trying to do? Put the logic down so it can be followed.

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This is what I was trying to do with routines:
“When I arm Smart monitor, I also want to arm Arlo – when I disarm smart monitor I also want to disarm Arlo” (Because it makes sense to do the arm/disarm from one place, since Arlo cameras have motion detectors as well).

I did get it to work, but not the way I was expecting it to work. I had to use IFTTT and two virtual switches So now when Smart things is armed, Arlo also gets armed (uses the camera motion to turn the siren on) and vice-versa.

If you simply arm Smart Monitor, it will only turn Arlo siren on when one of the motion detectors trips (Arlo camera motion detector does not work with Smart things) – and additionally you need to Arm Arlo separately for the Arlo camera motion detector to trip the siren. Now I can just do both from one spot.

Thanks, John. This worked for me. Brian

When I setup Arlo the siren wa listed I ST. I one time removed it, but don’t see it listed anymore in ST.