Are There Edge Drivers for These Generic LED Controllers?

Just want to be sure before i buy one of the following…it’s a generic device that is being sold under different brands. It’s used to control led strips.


Based on that description, it’s a tuya device, so it’s probably using proprietary clusters and will not work with the stock edge drivers.

Some models might work with one of the Custom Edge Drivers, but it’s also possible you would get one with a fingerprint that hasn’t been included yet, that’s pretty typical for Tuya.

So, my short answer is that you would have to buy one, see if it works, if it doesn’t, get the fingerprint and clusters, and see if one of the custom community edge drivers works. But there’s no real way to tell until you’ve tried to add it to your smartthings network. :thinking:

BTW, I would not personally call that a “generic“ device. I would call it a “white label“ device which is being sold under several different brands with somewhat different firmware. It’s kind of the opposite of a generic device because of the proprietary code, and the number of variations.

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For an alternative that does not use proprietary code, gledopto is normally a good brand in a similar price range. Get the “pro” models since those are also Zigbee repeaters.

They will probably work with stock edge Drivers, but you can get a little more functionality with one of Mariano’s drivers

(EDGE Driver-Mc): Zigbee Light Multifunction Mc

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thanks, but this is apparantly made for RGBW led strips. I have a warm-cold white led strip, so the one i linked seemed better fitting. too many connections on the one you linked, wouldnt know how to correctly wire them, or afraid its not compatible.

Let’s hope this one works, else it simply goes back to amazon and i’l have to try that one.

The standard zigbee switch driver worked, it does not remember the status, but thats ok because i dont need to use it’s current status as a “if” in a routine.

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Did you end up getting this? Did it work with a generic driver?