Aqara Roller Blind Motor (2019 new)

Has anyone had any luck connecting the new roller type aqara blind motor ( And if so what device type handler did you use?

I’m moving to a new build and am torn between this motor and the upcoming IKEA Fyrtur, but don’t like there inflexible dimensions of the Fyrtur.

I would wait for Ikea. The Aqara model doesn’t say which zigbee classification it is certified for. We know the Ikea blinds will be Zigbee 3.0

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anyone know the uk release date?

Presume you mean IKEA Fyrtur? Supposedly mid August, the battery packs are already on sale (BRAUNIT)

strange a quick google, but cant find much on them

There’s a bit out there, they delayed the release from May to give them time to make firmware upgrades, but are fairly sure it will be mid August (October for US).

A lot of good info here

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