[OBSOLETE] Zemismart(Tuya) zigbee Blind Motor

Below is an explanation video of YouTuber Onaldo.

Zemismart zigbee(based on tuya zigbee) Blind DTH

SmartThings App & RC control video

SmartThings App setting option

Blind specifications

[Zemismart Blind DTH GitHub Repository Integration - Owner : shin4299 / Name : XiaomiSJ ]

Code direct link


Would this driver work with the Zigbee driver?


Would like to know as well

@ofercohen @Sergio_Ferreira
I bought this “Zemismart Updated Tuya zigbee Roller Shade Driver DIY Roller Shutter Motor Alexa Google Assistant Voice Control” so I will let you know when it arrives. But under the User Guide, there is a link to a DTH that is a slightly changed version of the one that shin4299 made for the roller motor.

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Have you some news?

@ofercohen @Sergio_Ferreira @iSSU

Zemismart Updated Tuya zigbee Roller Shade Driver DIY Roller Shutter Motor Alexa Google Assistant Voice Control” finally arrived.
I used the DTH provided on their website, under “User Guide”.

It was detected and added automatically.

I will be testing it more in the following days.

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thanks @qbasob. Looking forward to hear if it works fine.

Ok, so here’s my impressions after few days of experimentation.

The DTH they provided is a modified version of the original one made by iquix. The change was necessary because it seems that Zemismart Vertical Blind is not sending the event when it arrives at the set position. It is only sending events during the movement. That is a little bit problematic because you don’t really know when the motor stops. With their changed DTH you have the opening.... or closing... status for a split second, and then just partially open that may eventually change to opened or closed. I’m trying to create my own version of the DTH where I’m checking every second or two if the values stopped coming, so I can have working opening.... and closing... status, but so far it is not so perfect solution.

Also Zemismart Vertical Blind is allowing you to set an additional position between open and closed states. But it’s not perfect. If the shades are going from a closed position they will stop at a slightly different middle position than if they are going from the opened position. The difference is 1-2cm. It’s probably not a big issue with regular shades, but I have zebra shades that need to be positioned perfectly to see through.

The last issue I found is that sometimes the last position is not sent. Shades are fully closed, but SmartThings is showing partially open - 96%. Trying to close it again will fail. The only thing that can be done in that case is to open it a little and then close it again.

For now, I don’t have any other problems. For the price it’s fine, I guess. It comes with the remote, the ZigBee USB dongle that needs to be connected to the 5V supply, and a few different gears for different shade cords. I didn’t have any problems with the mount and it’s opening and closing the shades smoothly.

I will use it more and test how long the battery will last and if there are any other issues.

Some videos:

Some photos:



Great work! I’ve been looking for something like this for, probably, a couple of months now.

Do you think it would work with the one below as well? What I can read it is Zigbee as well. However it seem to lack that usb zigbee receiver device.


Great stuff y’all! Question, do you all think going with the zigbee version with the custom DTH or the WiFi version using the tuya app then adding it to SmartThings app by selecting the tuya smart in add device is better? Trying to figure out which version gets the best results as far as functionality. Thx guys!!

I believe it’s an older model. The one you sent has no information about ZigBee in the title (only in the photos, but that might be a mistake). There is similar one on their website with built-in ZigBee receiver and it’s twice as expensive (https://www.zemismart.com/products/zemismart-tuya-zigbee-roller-shade-driver-smart-motorized-chain-roller-blinds-alexa-google-assistant-smartthings-voice-control). I’m not sure if the DTH that works with the newer model will work with the older one, but there are other DTHs for Tuya based motorized roller shades, so maybe one of them will work.

I prefer to keep external services/clouds/servers to a minimum, so I chose Zigbee. But I have no comparison which would be better or faster.

Really appreciate it. Yeah me too. Zigbee is better. I was just asking to see once it was added in SmartThings app if there was a difference as far as functionality between going directly into via zigbee or via the tuya app way.

So just got this:

Hi! I bought the zigbee motor below. Since it is battery operated, it also has the separate USB Dongle to receive the zigbee signals and translate to the motor, similar to the roller shade driver concept.

Would this device handler also work with it? I assume it should be the same.


Just started researching DIY motorized blinds for SmartThings and came across these.

From the product description, the zigbee version seems to work with the Tuya app, so you could bypass having to use a DTH and just connect SmartThings to Tuya?

I wonder about functionality as you do. I have a Tuya essential oils mister and I have slightly more control in Tuya app than in SmartThings.

I’m looking into this now myself. If people can share their experiences and issues, that would be great. What did you buy, did you connect it straight to smartthings? How? Quality of item? Good/bad/ugly?

So, I tried using several diferent Zemismart device handlers for the zigbee motor below, without success. It also uses a dongle to connect to the motor, but the handlers for shade motors or the blind motor do not work.

Best I could manage was to use a Nue Zigbee Blind Switch handler, which works for OPEN and CLOSE, but the status is always “opening” or “closing”, and I can’t set a level for the blind (no intermediate position, just open or close). The percentage in the handler does nothing, neither the preset position.

Does anyone has any idea of a DTH that would work with this motor?

@komkavik Did you try https://github.com/iquix/Smartthings/blob/master/devicetypes/iquix/tuya-window-shade.src/tuya-window-shade.groovy or http://drive.google.com/file/d/1dxoNUbEzo9nRPfDgW8SK9VMfC8qud5ou/view?usp=sharing

Yes… unfortunately none of those work… I am now assuming that this motor can only receive commands, and does not replies its status… I can Open, Close, Pause, but nothing else… It does not report the percentage position, or if its Open or Close, so basically same functionality as with the remote control.

I wonder if you use the toya hub and connect the toya system to the smartthings system if that is any better.