Supporting new E1 Aqara devices


It seems new Aqara devices in the response to Node Descriptor Request, expect manufacturer code to be 0x115F.
As far as I understand, Node Descriptor Request is handled by the hub and is not exposed to Edge drivers or DTH.

So, my question is what can be done in order to support new Aqara devices?


P.S. Please see the following link for details


Hi, @ygerlovin.
I discussed this with the engineering team and they confirmed what you mentioned:

If the information shared in the URL you posted above is accurate, the support for those devices is not currently available due to the joining process difference.
However, the team is now aware of this requirement, thank you for bringing this up.


Thank you, @nayelyz

Would it be possible to share the roadmap for such support, once it is available.


It is a complex situation, the team needs to analyze it further, its feasibility, what does it involve, and other things. It might take some time to get an official answer about supporting this.

@nayelyz , Sure, it is completely understandable, such changes might introduce regressions and may impact already completed integrations.

I’m only asking to share the decision once it is made.
I guess the most important part is to understand whether ST team consider it as a major issue.

Thank you

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I add myself to the request of support MCCGQ14LM