Aqara door and window sensor T1

I have tried adding Aqara Door and Windows Sensor T1 to the ST Hub without success. It is listed as being supported natively. Any idea how to achieve this?

You can do it natively by stepping through the opening part then picking up from the FOR THE AQ SENSORS section below when prompted.

The following steps having worked reliably across 5 different installs for me.


  1. Add new device
  2. Press SCAN NEARBY button


  1. Get ANY AQ sensor and move it 1 or 2 inches from your Smartthings Hub.
  2. Hold in the small reset button it for 5 seconds. Sensor will blink blue light 3 times.
  3. If you have registered it before then you can put sensor down and it will pick up.
  4. I f you have not registered it before then after those 3 light blinks press button once every minute. (this is a last step)

Thanks. Done that already with the exception of Step 4 which seems to have done the trick. However, the Door and Window Sensor is detected as a switch. It shows the state (on and off) but cannot be used as a contact sensor in the Home Monitor (it says “no security sensors”). I’ve changed the driver to Mariano Shared Beta Driver and now it’s working fine.

hello there, how do you change the drivers for the said above? im having hte same issue. thanks

Whenever a device shows as a switch which isn’t a switch it’s almost always because SmartThings doesn’t know what it is so it’s just guessing and using its lowest common denominator driver.

This can happen for one of two reasons.

  1. The device has a fingerprint (manufacturer code plus model number) which have not been included in any edge driver that you have loaded on your hub. There might be a custom edge driver created by a community member that has that fingerprint, but you will have to do some research to find out.

  2. The pairing failed so the manufacturer code and model number are either blanks or all zeros. This can happen for any of many reasons. If that’s the problem, you’ll have to remove the device from your account and add it again, there’s no other way to correct the fingerprint.

So the first thing to do is to check the advanced page of the official Web website to your account and see what the fingerprint is for the device. The following community FAQ has the details on how to do that.

FAQ: Manufacturer/Model Shows All Zeroes

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