Unable to re-add Aqara door sensor

Hi I currently have 24 devices connected to my v2 Smartthings hub. I did have 25 but 2 of my aqara door/window sensors became unavailable - not for the first time! I have removed one of the to re-add it but for some reason I am unable to get to connect as a new device. I’ve replaced the battery in case that was the issue but still no luck. I still have a number of other sensors of the same model connected and they are working fine.

Is there anything I could check to see why this device is failed to be found this time?


If you are using a custom device handler for them, login to IDE and open the device handler and click save and republish for me again. Then reset the device and try adding it to ST.

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A reboot of the hub from the IDE sometimes help…

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Thanks I gave the device handler save and republish a try and at first it didn’t help but then I opened the handler while trying to pair the device and as soon as I did it paired :slight_smile:

Thanks for the help.

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