Approved/Working Edge Driver Device list?

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Is there a list of devices that are approved or working on edge?

I’m sure there used to be an excel sheet flying around that had this info??

There have been a couple of attempts, but nothing complete yet.

The list for the official beta is available from the following topic. Note that you have to subscribe to the Beta channel to get those.

Preview | SmartThings-managed Edge Device Drivers

You can also check the official github, but you have to read the code to see which fingerprints are included, and read carefully: quite a few are still commented out.

The community-created wiki has quick browse lists for community – created edge drivers divided by device class, like lighting, locks, sensors, etc. That’s a good place to start looking, but it doesn’t let you look up things by model number.

A table has been started in the wiki which is probably exactly what you were looking for, because it does let you look by model number, but it’s not complete yet. :thinking: so if something is missing from that table it doesn’t mean that there is no edge driver, it may just mean that nobody has updated the table yet. You can sort on each individual column by clicking on the arrows in the column name.

I agree there should be an official database where you can look this up, at least for the official drivers, but as far as I know there isn’t.

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Thanks @JDRoberts, going looking for zigbee devices is tricky when you don’t know if it will work!

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Some of that makes for interesting reading.

It would be great if they had a column for the applicable country as alot of that list doesn’t work in the UK.

The good news is after looking at the community drivers it looks like the old days of installing a DTH. Only maybe easier to install them?

I just hope we haven’t lost too much of the community that provided solutions like the Hive app in the past!

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we started cataloging some devices in our community in Brazil.