[OBSOLETE] FAQ: Table of Edge Drivers by Model (Community Help Needed!)

Ok, I can’t add entries to this myself because my voice reader doesn’t do well with tables, but I did set up a blank page in the community – created wiki as a table where people can list which edge driver would go with which device model.

We are going to need community help on this because it doesn’t look like smartthings is going to do one. And so far the official advice from staff is to look at every single production driver line by line to see if a particular model number is there. So I think a table by model would be super helpful to the community.

So please enter a model or two if you have the information. If you don’t know the fingerprints or other details, that’s fine: just start a row with what you do know, at minimum, brand, model, edge driver, and whether that driver is official or custom.

A lot of people are asking for this, it would be hugely helpful, but we are going to need the community to come together to build it.

Please feel free to fix anything on the page, like I said, tables are just really hard for me to work with.


This table is sortable on any column, so once the entries are put in, if you wanted to see everything in a particular driver You could sort on the driver column. :sunglasses:

But it will only be useful if people add rows to the table. It’s a standard wiki with the usual edit options, so just copy the sample row, edit the column entries, and save. It doesn’t matter where you put the row in the table as long as the sample row stays at the top because each reader can sort the table as they like. And again it’s fine if you don’t know all the info: just brand, model, and driver name would help.

This line


Marks the end of a row.


Thank you @JDRoberts. If someone can advise how to find the fingerprints of a device I am willing to add for the devices I use for the community’s benefit.


It should be editable by anyone. :thinking:

  1. If you don’t already have an account on the wiki, request one on the homepage. You will have to wait to get an approved email.

  1. once you have an account, log in and then go to the page you want to edit.

  2. choose the “edit” tab.

Many thanks to @philh30 who just added a whole bunch of entries to the table. That will be very helpful. :sunglasses:

Remember that when doing your research you can sort on any column, so if you want to see all the entries for one driver, sort on the driver name. If you want to see all the entries for a particular manufacturer, sort on the manufacture name. And so on.

Sorted by Manufacturer:

Sorted by Stock Edge Driver:


That should be all of the device-specific fingerprints currently in the ST BETA z-wave drivers


Is there a “prettier” way to add items to the table?

The other option is to spread it across multiple lines like below. I found the single line to be a bit easier to deal with.

| Aeon 
| 0086/0003/000B 
| Zwave 
| Aeon Smart Strip 
| zwave-switch 

The wiki editor in chief just let me know that he has caught up on approving a whole bunch of new wiki membership requests. So if you were waiting on approval, check your email, it should have come through. :sunglasses: