What do I need to do to get ready for Sept 30?

Thanks for the update @blueyetisoftware

Going with multiple hubs in the same location may be a workaround. Perhaps divide it up with zwave on one, zigbee on another (another way to work around the 50 driver/hub limit). One caveat is any hub<->hub communication requires the cloud, so routines that work on devices across hubs will never run local.

Spare V2/V3 hubs are cheap on eBay. Just make sure you get the welcome code or you’ll have to call support.

True - but extra work, and requires flipping between hubs to operate things across the board.

The limits still feel arbitrary, and don’t take into account larger homes.

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Sorta, the only time you really notice the additional hub is when you’re adding a new device. The Scan UI will prompt you for which hub you’d like to add it to. Otherwise all combined hub devices are on the same location in the mobile app, IDE and CLI.

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I may be wrong, but I thought the 200 device limit was per account. You can hit it even if you don’t have any hubs. @Automated_House might know.

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This might help a little:

Approved/Working Edge Driver Device list?

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I fear the 50 driver limit will be hit first by most users. Playing tetris to figure out which combination of drivers works best as some are multiple device drivers, some are singles. And we’ll need some of those 50 slots for Zigbee Thing, Zwave Thing, Zwave association tool drivers, etc.

I appreciate the multi drivers for Zooz from @krlaframboise, I hope most manufacturer provided drivers go a similar path.

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Still have the cross-communications issue tho.

Thanks @JDRoberts - I ran across that as well. Don’t see the Spring Fashion Window Blinds in there, which is half of my house. (SFWB is basically a white-labeled SOMFY shade with added functionality and state management. It would be a crying - and expensive - shame to lose these in the transition. They are a supported vendor in the current ST app, so :crossed_fingers: )

That’s definitely going to be an issue.

I have concerns that ST thinks (or, maybe it has evidence) that most of it’s user base lives in studio, 1- or 2- bedroom apartments, so lower limits are ok. Anecdotally, a lot of ST users are in larger homes - so several hundred devices collected over the years is not out of the question.

I know people have hit that limit based on the number of installed drivers, but I’d be really interested to hear someone’s experience actually running that many drivers.


Agreed. I can run my entire setup on like 7 drivers. Just need to make sure you know what you are installing and remove drivers once you are done trying them out.

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Hub-Hub integrations also work well. ST-Hue or ST-Bond allow you to run a single driver to talk to everything on that connected hub


Here’s what I’ve done to prepare.

  1. Subscribe to the Beta Edge channel and install drivers that sound similar to the built in drivers for devices I have. That way new devices I’ve been adding pre transition are already supported by Edge.
  2. Take a survey of devices in the IDE and put them into 4 categories:
    a. Devices that are “placeholder” are either cloud or already Edge - mark those off the list.
    b. Devices that are “local” ie being supported by a built in local driver. Mark those off the list as they should transition to edge fine.
    c. Devices that are supported by a “manufacturer DTH” (zooz, inovelli)
    d. Devices that are supported by a one off or custom DTH

For devices in group C, I’ve subscribed to the appropriate channel and installed matching drivers for the devices I have. Comment out the fingerprints in the existing DTH. Where I have multiples of that device, I’ve tested one of them by rejoining them and seeing the new Edge driver be attached. The rest of the devices I have a high confidence that they will transition over on The Big Day.

For devices in D, I’m working those one at a time. Some work with a stock driver but lose functionality with parameters, so I’ve been enhancing the stock Edge drivers for those. Some are not that popular so I’m porting my custom DTH’s over to Edge.


OK, this is good to know. Can the hubs be dissimilar? (i.e. one V2, one V3?)

This is a very helpful methodology @csstup - thank you.

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The devices in your 2b group, those running currently with a local DTH, can still run into the glitches listed in points 3, 4, 5, and 12 in my post above. So it does still take some research.

Noted. My 2b group devices are all Jasco Zigbee plug in outlets/dimmers, Jasco Zwave plug in outlets/dimmers and SmartThings branded sensors. I’m thinking the Jasco devices are all new enough that they should match by either MSR fingerprint or command class. Just to be sure I installed @philh30’s Jasco/GE drivers to try and cover more bases. The SmartThings sensors (leak, multipurpose) should be fine.

I don’t use associations.

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Yeah, I’m most worried about the people who are not power users and have some early generation Z wave devices that have worked with a stock DTH for years. They may even have been listed as being officially supported. But they aren’t going to transition automatically because they have been discontinued by the manufacturer. For those people, things are just going to break and they won’t know why. :disappointed_relieved:


Agreed. I’m surprised those fingerprints aren’t all just added as generic devices at a minimum

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