Library/Index for devices/edge drivers?

Hi, Unfortunately I am a ‘normal’ end user of SmartThings. These days due to family and work I have very little time to tinker. When I started using ST originally, I did dabble slightly with some custom Device Handlers in the IDE, but nothing more than copying code from various locations in the community. Obviously with the Edge migration (from my perspective) communication has been incredibly poor (from ST) focussing primarily on the technical gurus and not the end users. Afterall, they market this migration as a simplification. There is a huge amount of detail in the forums but I am finding it almost impossible to find drivers for specific devices (without spending hours trawling threads going back literally years) as the threads just run off on tangents all over the place. On top of this, there are hundreds of different developers busily coding away (thankyou all!) but again it is difficult to know who is developing drivers for what devices. Can anyone point me in the direction of a list of dev’s driver repos or (a big ask) list of devices with associated drivers? I appreciate that could run into thousands, but you would hope that it will consolidated somewhere to enable the ‘laymen’ like me to ensure their smart devices continue to function. Any help greatly appreciated!

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It’s easier to search for the device and include the “edge-device” tag or wait for ST to transition your device and then fix any that remain.

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There will be many users in your situation. What you actually did was cross over the dividing line between “‘normal’ end users” and “technical gurus” without even being aware that there was a line there.


@orangebucket, exactly that! I like to think of myself as technical/logical but by no means a coder. I can follow instructions relatively easily but that is about the extent these days mainly due to lack of time to learn and research these things! Maybe i was just being tight wanting to use the cheaper devices than branded SmartThings (well not maybe! :)) and fell into that loop, until now though i haven’t had a problem and all has worked well with very little interaction. I agree with @gst that i need to wait and see what breaks, although the timeline seems to be pretty unclear for me to look out for things to break too! My main concern is a couple of yagusmart 2/3 gang switches that are great, but while trawling the threads I recall seeing a comment mentioning there may be problems with master/child devices (such as these)

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The Quick Browse Lists in The community-created wiki are designed for just this purpose, to make the research faster and easier. The lists are organized by device class, so there is one list for locks, one for sensors, etc. There are also links to edge drivers provided by different device manufacturers like Aeotec and Zooz. So that’s a good place to start. It should have all the custom edge drivers that have been shared in this forum so far. :sunglasses:

As @jkp noted, The wiki also has a sortable table of edge drivers by model but it’s brand new and not all devices are there yet. It’s worth taking a look at. If you see the model you are looking for, that should be a good link. But if the model is missing, it might just be no one has put it in the table yet. :thinking:

If you are looking for more information about edge, the community FAQ should help:

FAQ: I have no idea what Edge is. Is that a new developer tool? (2022)