Anyone tried integrating Samsung MU8000 TV?

Anyone tried integrating SmartTV MU8000 with smartthings? Wondering if we can use CEC integration or something like that.

Sorry, don’t think you can.

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This is so ridiculous, seriously Samsung is selling this service and hub like it’s going to make everything Samsung working together. But when we buy the hub and try to connect our TVs nothing is working.

I bought my 55mu8000 a few years ago and the hub this year thinking that having a surround sound system Samsung, the s9+ and an other Samsung smart tv, I should all connect them to the hub to maximize all those products but no…

Samsung is always bragging about being so advance and “connected” but they always have a reason for not having their stuff working. This time the “we are not the same company” response is incredibly stupid. I should’ve bought the Logitech hub instead, at least they have a finished product who’s working instead of a useless piece of trash like the SmartThings hub.