SmartThings does not support 2017 Samsung Smart TVs

OK, so everyone who gnashed their teeth about SmartThings not supporting 2016 Samsung Smart TVs, well us poor suckers who bought a high-end 2017 Samsung Smart TV and a SmartThings Hub - we are out of luck too. (At least in the US)

SmartThings support guy said: We are two different companies. We do not support 2017 Samsung Smart TVs. Not sure if we ever will. Maybe the developers will get around to it, but no way to know when, if ever. Good luck. Good bye.

Samsung TV support guy said: What’s a SmartThings Hub? Never heard of it, call them.

#NotSoSmartCompany #NotSoSmartThings #NotSoSmartSuckerCustomer


Unfortunately most of us here, have learned to be very skeptical of Samsung Smart TV integration, regardless of what’s stated on the box. Maybe your new to the community here? There are many threads concerning the same topic. I assume you may be past the return date, so pretty much SOL, sorry.

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In the UK we was promised the SmartThings Extend. In fact it’s still advertised.

“Your new TV will come with the SmartThings Extend, a small USB-like dongle that plugs into your TV. Once you’ve done this, switch on your TV and connect to Wi-Fi”

Looks like Samsung will be done in the European court for a few £100 million.

Actually, I think the problem will apply to any evolving WiFi product (i.e., the Samsung Multiroom Speaker integration does not support new models). I believe the code is written for specific model numbers and when the year changes over (even if the API is the same), the new model numbers no longer work. This is bad for users; however, from the perspective of SmartThings, they have to be sure it will work prior to providing to users. Otherwise, they will have a significant of tickets to address.

It will be an on-going problem and trade-off by the developer as connected products evolve - especially the wild-west API paradigm in the WiFi community. And with so many smart-home controller contenders, it will not get better, just worse.

In a perfect world, the manufactures would be writing, maintaining and testing/certifying the launch Smart Aps, Service Managers, or Device Handlers, not the SmartThings Staff. The world will be like this until the Industry defines and certifies to a common IOT control and status API (like is already done for Z-Wave and Zigbee devices). And UPNP is NOT specific enough.

NEVER buy based on future promise. If something does not meet your expectations now, odds are it won’t in the future.


It depends on where one lives.

In the EU\UK if a company says they are going to give people something and
advertise and shout about it.

Then by law they have to do it in the EU\UK.
If not and the EU get involved they can be fined up to 20% of the whole companies profits for the year.

Now ya see, here in America we call that over-regulation. lol

In the UK we call it “don’t make promises one can’t meet” :slight_smile:

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I am able to add a 2017 version to ST but the commands do not work…

@Sergio_Ferreira - What is the model number of your tv?



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What in the blazes is Samsung doing? Contacted them months ago about their smart TV not working with their SmartThings. Response, we’re working on it, they need to hire some new tech people then! They own both products & yet they do NOT work together! Time to switch brands!!

Samsung is being Samsung.

Crickets chirp; they do not bark. They are what they are.

Samsung is never going to be a customer service company. Ever.

According to Samsung’s site: If the 5th and 6th characters in the code are “KU” or “KS” followed by the number “6” or above, then your Samsung TV is compatible and can be connected to your SmartThings Hub as a Thing!