Samsung MU7000 or 8000 in the US

Hi Guys,

First post so excuse me if this is the wrong area. Wondering does any one no about the MU7000 Samsung TV. I spoke to support as i was having issues with connecting. Turns out the MU7000 isnt compatible with Smart things. So the 2017 version brand new 1300 euro tv doesn’t work, but the KU 2016 does? Bit nuts if you ask me as the KU is no where near as good.

Any how i guess im pissing in the wind moaning about it to them as im sure it will get me no where.But does anyone know why or is there any work around’s i could use to gain some control.

I have smart things integrated with alexa and want to be able to issue voice commands to the TV viavalexa.

I don’t want to go down the route of the harmony hub as its just another hub id need to buy.

Any thoughts?

Thanks in advance