Anyone successfully paired an Iris Contact Sensor with V2 Hub?

I’ve tried everything. Thanks.

The first generation cannot be paired. It uses a proprietary zigbee, not the standard home automation profile.

The second generation does use the zigbee home automation profile, and will work with SmartThings.

So the first thing is to check the model number.

Did you buy it recently?
Was it in a box or a clamshell style packaging?

It’s new. It was successfully paired with my V1 hub.

It’s migration day and I’m about 8 hours in and losing my mind.

Anyway, I’ve been trying to pair now for an hour. Just won’t take.


I know this will sound obvious, but…

Did you make sure to exclude it from the v1?
Maybe try a general zwave exclude and use whatever method it has for unpairing (remove battery and push a rest button or something)?

If you previously had it successfully paired, you have to reset it before you can pair it to the new coordinator. I think that’s discussed in the other topic I linked to. If not, someone there will be able to tell you how to do it.

Right idea, wrong protocol. :wink:

It’s zigbee, not Zwave. Exclude is for Zwave devices. Won’t have any effect on a zigbee device. Instead, the device itself needs to be reset to clear the old Coordinator information.

Exactly. :wink:

Yeah, everything successfully removed from V1. Down to about 5 devices to reinstall. I’d really like to get it paired because I want to purchase additional ones tomorrow.

Ah. Yea. Didn’t realize those were zigbee.
That makes it harder then.

Finally got it.

The reset instruction I found on the Lowes/Iris page are incorrect or probably for the earlier version.

To reset:

1.) Remove battery (30 seconds)
2.) Hold reset button
3.) Install battery
4.) Release button BEFORE light goes out. The red LED becomes blue and is ready to pair.




Next Gen Device Support for Iris:

The contact sensor reset is similar to the motion sensor.

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