Iris contact sensor pairing

I’m hoping someone can help me with pairing a 3320-L Iris contact sensor with a V2 hub. I’ve tried the sensor factory reset, powering down the hub for a whole day, setting the sensor next to the hub, etc. When I run discovery it simply isn’t found. The sensor is definitely on and blinking for pairing. I noticed in the hub log that it only says “z-wave discovery started”. Should it also specify zigbee searching? Or is that implied? I’m of the understanding that the Iris (purple box) sensors pair freely with V2 hubs. I saw code for a device handler, but most of the topics I see on this subject allude to out-of-the-box functionality.

I’ve gone through all the topics I could find on this. Any last ditch ideas would be appreciated. I hope my hub isn’t having zigbee issues. I don’t have any other zigbee devices to check this though. Is there any way to verify that the zigbee module in the hub is actually working?


More likely it’s just a defective device. If you read the threads on this model, you’ll see that a fair number of people have had to return some of them. I know one community member reported that about 20% of them were defective, although that was higher than other people were seeing. But just exchanging at the store for a new one solved the pairing issues for many people. So I’d consider doing that as a next step.

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Off to Lowes then! Hopefully ones that do work will, um, keep working! I
appreciate the response.

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If you look for a Samsung multi sensor it should find it that did the trick for me

I had to return one that wouldn’t come out of Demo mode and was eating batteries like crazy. The other 9 I’ve purchased have been fine. Once I start discovery I open and close the sensor several times until it’s found by ST, haven’t had any issues yet.

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Well I grabbed a fresh one to experiment with, same problem. Tried turning off my 2.4ghz wifi to eliminate the chance of interference, more hub reboots, and tried different sensor searches. I might have to swap my hub after all. I think I’ll get a SmartThings branded zigbee sensor tomorrow just to make sure I’m not going insane.

I’m sure that’s very frustrating. :disappointed_relieved: If you report it to support, they can check from their side and make sure your zigbee radio in the hub is operating.

Yeah, shoot an email to support. They should pair without any hassle. Do you have any other zigbee sensors?

Well I’m a boob. I thought my proximity to the router was an issue (I had turned off 2.4ghz to test that theory), but I think it was my hue hub making things cranky. I put the smartthings hub in another room via long ethernet cable and everything started pairing, Iris and Smartthings. Occams razor I guess! I probably should apologize to support for my cranky email…

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