Iris Motion Sensor - Pairing steps?

I have three Iris motion sensors.
One works fine. After pressing the factory reset, a blue light flashed, and the device paired with my SmartThing hub (Happy)

The other two give me a green flashing light, suggesting they are paired, but they are not. When I do a factory reset I get a solid red light for several seconds, then the flashing green.

I was thinking it was a device driver issue, but the one works fine.

Your suggestions on getting the blue light to flash so I may pair is appreciated.

If my memory serves me, you have to press the reset button while inserting the battery to reset these (v2 anyway). If it won’t reset, maybe you have a bad reset switch. I had one that the reset switch went bad on.

Just to confirm, you’re taking the battery out, holding the button on the side and putting the battery back in while holding the button to reset correct?


  1. Set the SmartThing to pairing mode
  2. With reset button pressed, add battery, light turns red - 5 seconds (solid, no blinking)
  3. No action on the SmartThing app
  4. Restart the pairing process on SmartThings
  5. Remove Battery again - 15 seconds
  6. Add battery - receive 3 flashing green light
  7. Pairing was not successful
  8. Then with frustration mounting, I did the process again. (Thanks for the help, I did repeat these steps to document it here.)

The motion sensor that I successfully paired had a blue light flash, which I have not had with these two (2).

Please suggest a alternative approach, as the one sign of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results. Yep, I’m insane.

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Try a fresh battery to see if that helps? Just an idea.

All three Iris motion sensors are the same model number, correct? I believe the Iris v2 Motion sensors are 3326-L. I have a bunch of these great little sensors in my home. When they are ready to be paired, they will flash Blue every few seconds. Anything else, and they will not pair.

Note: Original Iris v1 sensors will not work with SmartThings, IIRC. They do work with Hubitat, as the Hubitat team added special support for those old Iris v1 sensors back when Lowes shut the Iris platform down.

I will confirm the model numbers when I return to the house.

But the v1 vs v2 may be the resolution

But from the appearance, the three (3) look identical.

Will get back in several weeks.

But for now the one motion sensor is working well.

Guess I’ll be buying some Centralite motion sensors