Anyone else having issues with android app

At first I couldn’t get to my smart apps. Now I can’t open mobile app (android). Others having issues (again) or should I start trouble shooting.

I am as well, oh joy

Not just Android, IOS as well. Cannot load IDE either. Tons of errors but can’t get a lot to give you details. Not going to lie, glad to see it’s not just me.

Getting “Unexpected Error” - Retry / Logout on app and IDE just shows white screen

Yup… nada, nothing but errors.

Can’t open Android app - immediately crashes.

Can’t access IDE - site doesn’t load at all.

Amazingly, I can still access this forum. Perhaps ST should put the forum moderator in charge of its cloud?


Cannot believe I missed that opportunity, bravo :wink:

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Same here. iOS app not working. I knew something was wrong when I got home and I never got a disarm notice. My alarms were blazing when I opened my door.

Just saw down on official ST page. nice. I finally had some free time to work on one of my apps. This sucks. Almost daily issues again.

Known issue and being worked on as we speak. Stay tuned for updates! You can always subscribe for status updates at

Some users in North America are unable to access the SmartThings mobile app and Developer Tools, We are working to address the issue and will provide updates on our progress here.


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Total app unavailability here. This is happening more often nowadays.

I was installing a garage door opener and I thought it was me and I did something wrong. Glad I did not break the whole system…or maybe I did!

My lawyer will file suit tomorrow (c;

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Is there a way to control lights in home during time of outage?

I do subscribe. I hadn’t been notified when I posted.


Use the old-school switch, unscrew and screw-in bulbs, push the button on the plug-in switch, dimmer or siren. Manually control the thermostat.

Yes, it sucks :anguished:

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All is good again… someone tripped over the Ethernet cable in the server room?

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My automatons are working fine. The app is down and I wanted to tweak a special lighting so that I use. I had a few minutes tonight to work on it.

I have my home setup so that when the automation is down, we can still turn things on/off with wall switches and lamp switches.

After the fiasco they other day I removed the siren for the last time. I won’t be going back in. We are no longer using the system for security.


Looks like it’s up. How long?

You are right, it seems to be working for the moment… :grin:

Work fast!

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