Trying to install recommended SmartApps and getting "unexpected error"

Tried with a couple of apps, and getting same error. I’ve already contacted support, but am wondering if this is happening because of connection issues at ST app server. Anyone else having problems installing apps tonight (Android ST app).

Definetely. It’s fried right now.

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Definitely sounding like something is happening with ST, then. Guess I’ll try installing apps tomorrow.

I think I will suggest to ST to vary error messages, to provide more specific information.

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Keep getting a blank screen after trying to save the code

This might help you

You can subscribe to alerts when there are issues, which is nice


Oh, that’s excellent. Thank you very much!

And just got this from the remarkably fast ST support staff

Hello Shelley,

Thanks for writing in. We’re experiencing an incident that is impacting the ability for users to set up new Hubs and locations, and some slowness in reaching the cloud, and we’re working on resolving it now.

You can always check the SmartThings status page to see our current status.

We’ll let you know when it’s been resolved, but as always, if there’s anything else we can help you with, please let us know, and we’d be happy to help!

status page

Two extremely useful bits from this posting. Refreshing, compared to other product support sites.

Hey All,

We’re dilligently working to resolve this as fast as possible. Thank you in advance for any and all patience.

Support’s great, in my opinion. Unlike my experience with another product recently who refused to help, told me that it was a problem with iOS 9 (when I started the case before ios 9 came out - not my fault they are far behind in upgrading and that was obviously not the issue) and when I told them that I couldn’t use their product and said that I might have to drop it, they basically said “that’s nice, see ya”

Compare that with ST, where support has always been speedy (when important) and friendly. I got the text alert of the issue tonight within a minute of the posting on the status page.