7/26 - Android app crashes

(Chrisb) #1

Anyone else having the SmartThings app crash every time you try to open it? Just started happening this evening for me.

(Dave) #2

Yup - just happened to me.

(D Small) #3

Yep. Cleared cache/data and reinstall with no luck.

(Jc Wright) #4

It’s been happening to me today as well. Just started today.

Samsung Galaxy IIs
Boost Mobile
Android 4.0.4

(David Forgianni) #5

Hi - we are aware of the issue and cause and hope to have it fixed soon. Will keep you posted.

(Tom Ryan) #6

Thanks, David. Confirms it happens to me as well. Nexus running Android 4.2.2 (if it helps). :slight_smile:

(Jc Wright) #7

Thanks for the update David. Let us know if there is anything we can do to help.


(David Forgianni) #8

This issue is resolved thanks you for your patience and issue report.

(Carl Aydelotte) #9

I was having it yesterday but this morning its fine :slight_smile:

(Chrisb) #10

Major Kudos to the support team for working late on a Friday night to fix the problem!

(Jc Wright) #11

David, any chance we can get an explanation as to what was causing it to crash? We all know you guys are working hard on the back end of this thing every day trying to make it better. I guess I’m just the curious type that wants to know what you’re poking at that broke :-). And second chrisb! Thanks for taking the time to make it work.

(Andrew Urman) #12

@jccwright there was a bug around how the server sent time messages to the Android app. We rolled back Friday night.