SmartApp Web Services and Developer Tools Outage - 2/3/2016

From ST:


We are experiencing issues impacting performance with SmartApp Web Services and Developer Tools. We are investigating the issue and will provide updates accordingly.

Feb 3, 16:34 EST

This incident affects: Mobile App Connectivity (North America), SmartApps (North America), SmartApp Web Services (North America), and Developer Tools.

I’m starting to think maybe it’s me…

I spent all morning moving terrible old SmartApps over to Rule Machine, and generally working through a laundry list of to-dos I had been meaning to tackle while my wife was out of the house.

Then she comes home, and I say “hey look at all the things you’ve been asking for that the house can do now!”… and then, of course, ST fails.

How is it possible that this happens every time I have a day free to work on the system?!

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smart apps not working… says error loading…
certain apps give 500 error

anyone else having this issue

yup… Android app wont even load. iOs crashes most of the time but when it does come up cant load rooms/apps…

Think there has been some issues. Mine is now working OK.

Yes I agree Smartthings has major issues. I love how their recent fixes have slowed everything to a crawl. I loved to have the house automated but you really cant with this system if you have a family. Nothing works for more than a few weeks then it;s screwed.

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Family members presence linked to IFTTT going bonkers setting it away/back, 3 times now. Grrr