Anyone else experiencing strange motion sensor behaviour?

SmartSense motion sensor… Battery 78%. Starts reporting motion detected, motion stopped literally every 5 minutes, in the middle of the night in an empty room. This was Wednesday am early hours UK time.
Now it is completely unresponsive won’t even restart after taking battery out/in.
Could something in ST backend have caused this, or is it just another poor quality ST sensor.

Battery was about 3 months old. I have not yet put a new battery in, but if it is going to squash 4 batteries a year that’s a running cost I’m not prepared to pay.

I would like to learn from others experience before I waste 2 hours trying to get support to understand…

What brand batteries are you using? The sensors are well known for dying with seemingly ok battery levels but 4 in a year is totally unacceptable.

Panasonic CR2450

Ok it shouldn’t be going through them so quick, but everything you describe points to the battery. There’s been a few threads with discussions, here’s one of them Batteries please fix (ST devices die at around 67%)