ST Motion Sensor Battery

Ive had my ST motion sensor for 6 months with no issues. Since the latest update, Ive been having a few issues with my sensor freezing in active mode toward the evening. The battery shows 89%. Ive had to reset the battery twice to get it working again. So far so good for the last two days. The battery I pulled out was a CR2450. Something Ive noticed in my testing, that there is a warning to only use Duracell or Panasonic batteries. Now in the past this has been mostly BS. However, there is a lot of new technology floating around to determine battery type and brand. Anyways, when I put a brand new Energizer CR 2450 in there it would not function. I put the old battery back in and working again. Tested voltage on both batteries. New: 3.5V Old: 3V. Can anyone confirm that we must use Duracell or Panasonic brands only? If this is not the case, what could the problem possibly be.

I believe it is down to the profile of the battery…

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This is correct… some CR2450s have an oddly tapered edge that does not hit the contacts in the sensor. If the sensor is regularly losing connection, but isnt moving - you may want to try enabling Zigbee Insecure Rejoin.