Batteries please fix (ST devices die at around 67%)

(Joe) #1

I love new features but do you know how hard it is to try and figure what is dead because their own devices can’t report correct levels. This should be basic and really getting me to hate Smartthings. I was am/was a big fan until this. The osram thing isn’t even close to this issue.

Anyone else experiencing strange motion sensor behaviour?
(Paul) #2

Are you talking about the current battery level of all your devices?

If you are you can see them all in one place usin “Simple Device Viewer”.

(Robin) #3

I think he means how ST sensors fluctuate on battery read outs depending on the temperature etc.

Mine go up and down all the time… My wife’s arrival sensor was saying 5% last night… Now it’s back on 13%… But I’ve seen much bigger jumps in the past and happens all the time.

Very frustrating!!!

Edit: her sensor is now saying 25% lol… Didn’t know ST had included contactless charging, very impressive!!

(Paul) #4

Thanks for the pointer, agreed!

(Joe) #5

Actually it’s Smartthings devices for me that gobdead at around 67%. I have the app that tells you when they are getting low but it does no good if it doesn’t report right.

(Robin) #6

(I updated the title of this thread to help others in the know find it and offer advice)

Never known any of my ST devices to die at such a high %… Seen battery levels fluctuate by +/- 40% but not by that much!!

Very occasionally (only 3 times last year on 5 sensors) my multipurpose sensors stopped responding and needed the batteries pulled / re-inserted. But that’s more crash related - the batteries themselves were fine.

Maybe contact support and ask for replacement devices?

(Joe) #7

They said it’s a known bug. But that was right after the update. I was hoping it would be fixed by now. I have to look at every device and see last time it communicated

(Alex) #8

The sensors you are talking about are rebranded Centralite sensors so I would not blame ST for taking a long time to fix the issue. Last time I reported this same issue and discovered it was a known issue, they said they were working with the supplier. SW updates can take a long time to validate and trickle through to users… Right Android users? I am still waiting on 7.0 on my S7… GRRR

Also, regarding percentage fluctuations due to temperature changes… Batteries exposed to outside cold, especially if extreme, will have reduced capacity and voltage output therefore a device reporting battery levels could report drastically different levels if you have a warm day and a freezing night… not too uncommon where I am at.

(Joe) #9

Then revert back to the old firmware. Sorry figuring out battery strength is 101. And the analogy of the phone is a bad one. That isn’t because the software isn’t there its because google allows Samsung to do whatever then the carrier to do whatever with it then send it to you. I have had 7.1.1 since release as well as 7.0. Why I had a 6P and now a Pixel XL. Also why I own a Pixel C. It gets updates immediately. Google should have done what apple did and for carriers to stay out of it but google didn’t want to annoy manufactures. But whole different topic. But knowing the battery is dead or not on something that is suppose to resemble a security system is essential!!! I shouldn’t have to find out when I open the garage door and the lights don’t’ turn on because the door sensor is dead and showing 77%. I said 67% because that is the majority of when it dies. But I have had 70’s 80’s and even low 90’s and they were dead as anything. And third party is mute when you put your name on it. Its not a centrilite multipurpose sensor it is a Samsung Smartthing Multi Purpose sensor. These are all in the house in a controlled environment.

(Ray) #10

I get very annoyed on this as well. I have 8 ST motion sensors and 4 more still unopened. They used to go dead at something like 86%. It’s almost impossible to do any automation without motion sensors at my house and dealing with this battery issue is beyond annoying. It’s not like those bloody sensors are cheap either.

(Alex) #11

@joewom - If you are here just to argue how bad ST is, have fun - it is not constructive so I will just bow out of the conversation.

The ST Multi Purpose sensor is actually:

manufacturer: CentraLite
model: 3321-S

My analogy to Android getting to my S7 was to say that it takes time when there are multiple vendors involved to get sw, or fw, to the end user. ST has to work with CentraLite and then pass on whatever they release to us.

I too run into the same issue you described, and I too get annoyed, but I am not going to get majorly upset… My garage opener, like all models I’ve seen, has two light bulbs so I am never in the dark. I would rather the 14,000 lumens of LED light I’ve installed actually turned on every time however by easily replacing the battery right away I limit the issue to that one time (per battery). One could say I have a 14,000 lumens dead battery indicator… if lumens = 0 then change battery, if lumens = 14,000 then all systems ok. :wink:

(Joe) #12

I’m not I love Smartthings I’m saying this is something that needs to be fixed and quickly. What if your phone died at random percentages? People would be going crazy. And apple doesn’t make the iPhone but they sure as hell take responsibility for it. So if Smartthings is going to brand something they own it. Period. You go to Walmart and by their brand and get sick you are blaming them. Even though a name brand made it.

(Robin) #13

You could always flog the ST sensors on eBay (they sell for a decent price) and get something better.

I’ve had a Fibaro motion sensor for over a year, it uses a £3(uk) CR123A battery and is still showing 100%!! (Even with constant daily motion and increased frequency reporting of temp / lux)… And I don’t get all the false triggers either!

(Joe) #14

Yeah I thought about that. I have over 20 of them that’s what sucks. The iris ones work good and you can see if it is too.

(Robin) #15

Geez… That’s a lot of sensors!!

Are they within their warrantee period? Ask for your money back!!

(Joe) #16

Probably are less then a year old. I have them on every window and door.

(Robin) #17

If you have window sets with multiple opening sashes then you could save a lot of money… This may help:

(Kevin) #18

Had my second ST sensor die on me with this 67% issue. Same as my first one. I get a bunch of false positive motion alerts, then within a few days/week the sensor goes unresponsive. Pulled the battery and replaced it, no led light or anything, dead. New battery and its fine. Depending on how long its been disconnected sometimes you have to do a reset and rescan which sucks.

If 67% means 0%, then change the scale…its not hard. I just opened a ticket on this…but as with most of the other day to day issues Im sure it will go into the ‘working on it’ bucket. While ‘big changes’ are happening. I know sometimes you have to deal with something for a while so the backend can get fixed…but this is crazy. At least a month of this now.

(Wayne) #19

TBH I think it’s a lot worse than this. After the firmware updates I started getting a lot of false alarms on my motion sensors and phantom activity alerts on my multi sensors. I had to replace all the batteries even though they were showing 89% or 79%. Basically, the battery level indicator cannot be relied upon full stop unless you are happen getting alerts firing off constantly.

After replacing all of the batteries with brand new duracells, my false alerts have more or less disappeared. So the batteries were clearly on the way out. even though the percentages did not indicate this.

(Robin) #20

My ST Motion sensor is currently showing 67% so I’m holding my breath now!

I’ve had it for nearly 1.5 years though without ever changing the battery, so it’s not doing too bad even if it is really close to 0%.

When the OTA firmware updates were first released I was getting several false triggers a day, but after a few weeks it has, touch wood, completely stabilised and I haven’t had a false alert for 3-4 weeks now.

I’m not sure if ST pushed out a second update, but something changed it back to behaving well??