Any Recording system for Surveillance Camera work with ST?

Hey guys,

I want to add cameras can be any protocol work with ST. If is wireless will be great, but can be any option on the market. I want to see cameras on ST but at the same thing I want to record when have motions. If is possible can I go to that cloud via ST mobile app and look what I need on the footage. Or can be other app for the footage, but I prefer on the sam ST. You guys have any solution or if can be a integration with a DVR system or something similar.

Thanks Appreciate

I’d take a look through this thread

This is specifically about cameras that work with the SmartTiles dashboard, which if you aren’t using, I highly recommend. You could set up a dashboard with a bunch of cameras just to view, or add in other items like your Modes, sensors, battery levels, etc.

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Yes I look the app and look nice but How I can integrate any kind of recording via HD or Cloud to the system. Can I do something like that on smarttiles ?Thanks

SmartTiles will give you a live view of the cameras.
You’d need to have something capable of triggering the recording.
There are some cameras listed on the official compatibility list: One simple home system. A world of possibilities. | SmartThings

You would need to configure where they record outside of SmartThings, but you can tell it to start recording from SmartThings.

Here’s a thread on one of the more popular options from Foscam with information as to exactly what is capable for it:

I use a Synology NAS with the Surveillance Station software with the Synology DS Cam app on mobile.

I integrate into SmartThings using this Smart App by swanny

His smart app will create ST devices for each camera and you can grab an image from it, do the pan/tilt/zoom thing, and trigger other smartthings on motion like a regular motion sensor can. Of course for viewing live video or recordings you’ll want to use the DS Cam app from synology…because smartthings just does not do that.

I use Netcam Studio, two free sources for non-commercial

have you gotten this to update your home mode with smartthings routines at all? This is the only thing stopping me from moving over to synology for managing my cameras. (I use blue iris now which is very powerful profile wise but my laptop running is super old