Any Recording system for Surveillance Camera work with ST?

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Hey guys,

I want to add cameras can be any protocol work with ST. If is wireless will be great, but can be any option on the market. I want to see cameras on ST but at the same thing I want to record when have motions. If is possible can I go to that cloud via ST mobile app and look what I need on the footage. Or can be other app for the footage, but I prefer on the sam ST. You guys have any solution or if can be a integration with a DVR system or something similar.

Thanks Appreciate

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I’d take a look through this thread

This is specifically about cameras that work with the SmartTiles dashboard, which if you aren’t using, I highly recommend. You could set up a dashboard with a bunch of cameras just to view, or add in other items like your Modes, sensors, battery levels, etc.

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Yes I look the app and look nice but How I can integrate any kind of recording via HD or Cloud to the system. Can I do something like that on smarttiles ?Thanks

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SmartTiles will give you a live view of the cameras.
You’d need to have something capable of triggering the recording.
There are some cameras listed on the official compatibility list:

You would need to configure where they record outside of SmartThings, but you can tell it to start recording from SmartThings.

Here’s a thread on one of the more popular options from Foscam with information as to exactly what is capable for it:

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I use a Synology NAS with the Surveillance Station software with the Synology DS Cam app on mobile.

I integrate into SmartThings using this Smart App by swanny

His smart app will create ST devices for each camera and you can grab an image from it, do the pan/tilt/zoom thing, and trigger other smartthings on motion like a regular motion sensor can. Of course for viewing live video or recordings you’ll want to use the DS Cam app from synology…because smartthings just does not do that.

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I use Netcam Studio, two free sources for non-commercial