CCTV Cameras and possible integration

Excuse this fairly basic question but as a Newbie to SmartThings is there a benefit of integrating CCTV cameras. If so what functionality is possible?
I have an existing Ony-x/Qvis CCTV system with 6 x 5Mp external cameras and an NVR. The existing NVR obviously copes with recording and limited motion detection but I would dearly love for the one covering the front door to appear on my TV when there is motion detected. This might be beyond the scope of ST integration but as a start can CCTV rtsp feeds be viewed in the app or in Smart Tile for example?
I’ve currently got an issue that I cannot view the cameras directly as they are sub- netted behind the NVR POE ports but I’m working on that so they are viewable from my LAN IP range.
Is it worth spending a lot of time on this if there is no integration path

Hey @FozzieBear,

Yes, the screen streaming can be done, but for recording that may take coding,

RTSP has been around if its not authenticated with the following custom handler:

[RELEASE] Generic Video Camera DeviceType, Yes, Live Video Streaming - Devices & Integrations / Community Created Device Types - SmartThings Community

Haven’t tested it myself, but in theory should work,

hope it helps :slight_smile: