Buying new DVR +camera system - any likely to integrate well?

I’m seeking a 6-camera, high-def DVR system, no monthly fees, that, while it operates independently of ST, can also play well … meaning:
– see live cameras in ST interface of course
– ST detects unexpected motion at the front of the driveway -> can set a rule to point the camera there (which I think would be a great deterrent to thieves, when coupled with some flashing lights and a sound)
– if camera detects motion in a certain location -> ST turns a light on there

Any recommendations for what system might play well with ST?

Bump i need this too… i was thinking about samsung dvr+cameras but i dont think that would integrate very easy… :expressionless:

If you just want to trigger, SmartThing’s support for IFTTT can give you a lot of flexibility as long as your WiFi is working. But you’re not going to see live cameras in the existing ST interface.

SmartTiles does some screen captures from some cameras, but that’s the advanced end of what’s currently available.

Several people have been using Foscam cameras as well as SmartThings but I think it’s a pretty loose integration. (The mentions of “Alex’s dashboard” or “ACTion” in the following topic are referring to what is now called SmartTiles.)

Bump…with improvements in past year, are there some recommended camera systems, DVR or NVR?

Would like something that could show a video feed in ST app and/or smartTiles.

Would possibly like notification detected by camera to trigger motion in ST.

If not possible currently, any systems that are good bet foe these capabilities in the future?