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How about compatibility with video surveillance systems. There are plenty of them out there. Most have DVRs and apps/ web viewers that allow live viewing or text alerts with snapshots. How about integrating these systems into smartthings? Especially IFTTT. if door opens camera goes on. If smoke detector goes off camera goes on if water sensor is tripped camera goes on. And on and on. Forget all the standalone IP cameras with fee based clouds…anyone? Especially since Samsung owns smarthings and already has several surveillance systems out there.

(Geko) #2

SmartThings works with many IP cameras, including popular (and cheap) Foscam. It cannot stream live video, but it can capture still images. You can trigger image capture by motion or door/window sensor using build-in “Motion Photo Activity” smart app or community-developed apps (e.g. Smart Alarm).

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[quote=“Mbeil, post:1, topic:9082”]
How about compatibility with video surveillance systems.
[/quote] I couldn’t agree more.

While I’m sure the existing IP cam functionality is fine (I haven’t worked with it myself yet), the limit of 4 per hub is discouraging. I’m sure managing more than 4 with ST would probably be a pain, so I think it would be incredibly useful to be able to integrate a dedicated system. Let the dedicated system deal with streaming and recording, but allow it to send notifications (movement, etc) to ST which could then trigger various other things (perhaps with Smart Alarm) if desired. I’m in no way downplaying the awesome functionality of ST, just suggesting a possible new feature. :smiley:

I also realize this is an old thread…

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Agreed! Let the surveillance system do it’s thing but provide a API that allows ST to receive event notifications and maybe override surveillance system standard behavior in some cases.