SmartThings & Cameras?

What video cameras work best with Smartthings?

I currently have a couple of Arlo cameras and their integration with ST is minimal. I am looking to migrate to a more ST friendly platform.

I would like to view and control the cameras from ST, view in Smarttiles, trigger arm/disarm, record images/video. etc…

Blink looks promising except for the fact that they are not for outdoor use at all. I want to use both indoor and outdoor.

As always, your input is appreciated.

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Smartthings only allows for video viewing within the smartthings mobile app if you use the built-in smart home monitor feature. And that only works with a very few camera models. And unless things have changed recently, you cannot use motion feature of any of those models as a trigger to SmartThings. Here’s the official support FAQ on video integration:

You can do more with smarttiles as long as the camera has a web URL where you can view the video. @tgauchat can say more about that.

If the camera has an IFTTT channel, like Arlo, you can get indirect integration that way. You still can’t see the video inside the smartthings mobile app. But you can easily trigger SmartThings events off of the camera’s motion sensor.

Other people have done other types of integrations using custom code. See, for example:


Thank you for the information!

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Thanks @JDRoberts for pointing out that for viewing live video streams along side SmartThings tiles, SmartTiles is often a great choice. Currently there are limited selection of cameras that work really well… But still plenty. There’s also a “5 seconds” stop motion view that allows more cameras to work.

Long thread, but start here…

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Has anyone tried the Samsung Smartcam Pro HD ?

Kinda expensive for the specs…

I have one and they are really nice. (Not just saying that because Samsung) video quality is great. Way better than the d-links I have. Night vision is way better as well compared to the d-links.

What cameras do you use outdoors?

I don’t have any outdoor cameras. I know @pstuart has some outdoor cameras, but not sure what exactly he uses.

But we do not currently have any “supported” outdoor cameras.

I have been using the Samsung SmartCam Pro HDs; work well for my internal use. I have x2 at the moment but will be adding more in a new home I’m building.

I also have these hooked up using a POE splitter, wish that was native but the add-on splitter I’m using works well and hidden in the junction box.

I found these cams support all the scenarios I needed. Work independently, local storage, work with ST and work with Synology Surveillance Station. Covers my bases if I’m going to buy x10. :slight_smile:


The DCS-2330L is an outdoor camera listed in the Video Integration FAQ unless I am missing something. I had mine working with the hub for a while before I turned it off. It is not a spectacular camera but it is at least rated for outside.

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My Samsung SmartCam Pro HD has pathetic night vision? Is there some kind of setting? I have tried doing a reset twice now and it still looks poor compared to the night vision on my Amcrest HD cameras.