Any improvements with the iOS app? (July 2021)

Just wondering if everyone is still having issues with the new iOS app as I am? The level of posting around the new app has dropped off, so I’m wondering if I’m the only one still having issues.

Summary of my problems:

Very slow to update. Seems the app grabs cached data and doesnt update until you open and close it again. I can run a scene that turns on a light and the status of the light won’t change until I reopen the app, even though the light turns on.

Widget sometimes runs multiple scenes at once.

App keeps reordering things. The order of the rooms keeps changing, things within rooms as well. The order of favorites has seemed to stabilize for now.

I haven’t updated because of all the reported issues. Curious as well…

The lack of any activity on the forum kinda shows how things have been going over the last few years, let alone days

No doubt most are putting up with the pain in silence, using the app if we really have too


No improvement for me since the hotfix (which didn’t help my particular issues). i’m still seeing the following:

  1. Frequently have to force close the app and re-open to get device status updates.
  2. Mobile presence seems to timeout unless you use the app at least once a day
  3. SmartThings Cam only works in camera groups. Device page doesn’t work at all.

I’m using my Echo waaaaay more than the app to control anything. Using the app usually involves a minute or two of continually refreshing whatever device I’m picking - trying to get it to accept my input - and another 30 seconds or so spinning its wheel to confirm that ok - I actually turned it on or… guess what - it didn’t take.
It is pretty frustrating. Fortunately the automations do seem to be working ok (and my beloved old Lutron Remotes are great for the really key lights).

Thanks all. Glad to hear it’s not just me.

Some other odd behaviors I forgot to mention:

Some times when I open the app, scenes are missing from my Favorites page. Close it and reopen and they reappear.

Some of my custom devices show weird behavior on their tiles. For example, I have two water/leak sensors which show dry but some times the icon is lit up as if they are in alarm. I have some other custom devices that show numeric values which populate only 50% of the time. Never had a problem before the app changed in June/July.

I too see the spinning circle reported above for some devices. I opened the app today to find my aquarium light showing off despite having an automation to turn it on at 7. So I hit the button to turn it on, only to have it spin for a while, time out, and then have the app crash. Turns out it was on the whole time but the slow update in the app showed it off.

One more I just realized.

Run a scene from the widget. The scene runs but appears to get stuck in an infinite loop of runs with the circle around the scene button spinning forever, or until you force close the app. I don’t think it actually runs more than once despite appearing to run continuously.

The app is incredibly slow to update status of devices. ST is supposed to increase convenience but instead it increases frustration. Also on 2 different hubs I have “network or server issues” that I cannot solve. I am ready to throw in the towel on ST.

This is in no way an alternative to ST but for instant information on devices there is an app called home remote

It has ST integration in that you are able to act on any devices actionable in ST and instantly and easily see the devices output, like temp, state, battery blah blah

It works flawlessly on my Samsung phone, hopefully it will work just as well for apple users

You can even add ip cameras, now there’s a thing

Anyway, the app might help some people whilst ST sort out there issues

This is very cool and works surprisingly well for what it is. With a couple of work-arounds, you could almost use it for all basic ST control (it runs Scenes, etc.). It doesn’t have STHM control functionality, but I am imagining a way to get that to work as well. Thanks for sharing.

It is amazing how FAST it is versus the ST app! Sad that ST cannot compare with their own app.

Glad it was helpfull and I agree on speed, it loads devices and there outputs really quick, at the moment we have heat issues in the UK, I need to see quickly what needs attention and how well the AC works, I configured a page as shown above to give me quick read outs, I could never get the ST app to do that so well and with all the info I need at a glance

The ST app would still be trying to load and then show limited un informative information

As I said it has drawbacks but for fast easy access it’s brilliant

Just keep the fact that at some point, groovy and IDE will be shutdown and the Home Remote app will cease to function in its current form.

Not an app… but is an alternative option for accessing the ST platform. It does log you out after 10 minutes so there are frequent logins if you opt to use it.

ActionTiles and SharpTools are also good options

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Where is that from JP ? Not seen it before, is it a new Web based ST development ?

Either way, don’t want be too offensive but it’s still damn ugly

It has been available for a couple of months now. It was in beta for a couple of years before that.

But it is an official Samsung product ?

Yes, it is from ST. Is it finished… not yet

Jeez… how many years ??

I love HA, I love what ST offers, I absolutely despise the current UI design web or app based

I just don’t get it :confused:
It is illogical Captain

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you are not alone. It is very unexpected that such a bad update is released. If there is no corrective update soon, I will leave smartthings and find something more serious.

Does anyone know if they are aware and working on an update? I know I’ve submitted a couple of cases for specific items but not a general “this app update sucks” case. It would seem there are more than a few specific items at issue with the latest version.

I find that the current app is almost useless. On a good day I can get some functions to work after restarting the app several times. Currently it is worthless on my iPad and marginal on my iPhone.

Ironically, the website works better on my apple devices than the app. However, the website isn’t completely devoid of weirdness like a dashboard box showing people, presumably presence sensors like iPhones, that seems to come and go randomly.

Anyway, thanks to jkp for posting this. I was about to take my hubs to the range and use them as sporting clays.