SmartThings iOS client 1.6.60 (February 17, 2021)

another update for the iOS app

What’s new?

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for me it fixed a bug that I had when trying to create a scene and add color to a lamp … it gave a network error. Now everything is ok


That’s it?

there must be other things … but one of them for me was that

There is no changelog?

of course there is a change log —> We’ve been listening to your feedback and are working hard to make improvements…


Hahaha thats the best!

editing scenes still takes 2 minutes for me. Here’s the screen recording I send to support several days ago:

the item i have been watching is the storage and so far it is holding steady. may still be too soon to say if it has been resolved.

update: not resolved … it just bounced up by 300mb :frowning:

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Still didn’t resolve non-mobile presence sensors not saving to automations.

looks like they resolved the ability to set a response in STHM to send text and save the recepients.

they have not resolved the ability to use simulated presence sensors or life360 in automations… they still default back to ST phone location when you open the automation after saving it. or perhaps, it is a permanent change… who knows!


Live video on Nest cameras still does not work in landscape on an iPad.

Loading speed is still abysmal.

But hey, we got a new version number.


Still didn’t fix automations. My thermostat automations auto delete what temperature, mode, and fan mode. It’s awesome

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You should probably report it to - the only way it’ll find itself into a ticket and then possibly fixed

I’ll give it a shot. Thanks!