SmartThings iOS app update 1.7.01 (May 28, 2023)

new update for the iOS app has been released
iPad 554.7 MB
iPhone 553.9 MB

This update reordered all the devices in all rooms on my iPad and iPhone.

Looks like device tiles now have shading for on/off.

Being able to select all options for multi-component devices in the THEN part of automations is fixed.

EDIT: the device reordering is odd. If I close the app fully and reopen then the order goes back to what I had set and sometimes it’s a random order.

It appears to have changed the phone presence functionality I had to redo my phone routines.

What changed?

I thought that l may just need to adjust my location radius, I think it has renamed the two phones as I don’t think they were both named iPhone the API browser

The routine had a dashed red circle with an “!” Inside.

I’ve come to the conclusion this is just a timing issue. It appears the app now needs a brief period to load the order if the app was previously fully closed. I wonder (but I’m not willing to try) if it now preserves your room and device order after a sign out and in.

Ive found since the update the 200 limit is back and wont let me add any new devices, i have an ipad with the older version which has not got this limit.

F. Device order was stable forever now. Now jumbled up again. Unreal.

Is iPhone presence working for you at all after the app update? I had the same issue with my routines which I corrected, but I haven’t seen presence change for either of my two iPhones since late last week.

so far, I have experienced one failure with presence since the app update.

I just got bit by the update…I have 285 devices…which is pretty low, and I just want to get it to rediscover updated scenes.

From time to time, I have to re-add my Cree Connected bulbs…they reset too easily from having the outlet toggled too quickly, like the double hit when found a firmware update for my KP125’s while dealing with some offline outlets last night…the KP125’s are off when I’m sleeping, so if there’s a power outage the WiFi bulbs don’t come back on… One of the lamps has 3 WiFi bulbs in it…in two groups. (general lighting and reading… though haven’t used the reading yet, just fighting as to why it keeps turning on… [just as I’m trying to figure out why matter plug flashes on/off through out the night…the outlet should be off because I’m sleeping, but it keeps turning on, but flashes because the I’m sleeping rule re-triggers…most of the time. At one time it got into a rapid on/off…just because I had two rules to be off when I’m sleeping?]

Since it only just updated last night, haven’t had the chance to see if presence still works…guess I’ll find out tomorrow.

If it wasn’t for the two groups, I’d probably have gotten another KP405 like I did for another lamp I have. (which would’ve been better than have two bulbs in a Y adapter, since I needed them to replace what had been a 3-way 50-100-150W bulb.) Got a 250W (eq) dimmable bulb in the other lamp. In my previous build, I had 3 Leviton dimmer outlets…kind of expensive, though they were reliable compared to how the KP405 was doing pre-Edge.

Well, found my iPad hadn’t updated yet, so I got the scenes back (guess I renamed some in places other than in Smart Life…plus punctuation get’s weird…). Limit doesn’t stop me from adding another virtual devices…