iOS app still not working properly (Sep 2021)

Hi all-

Checking in. I’m still struggling with an iOS app that barely works. Statuses wrong most of the time, devices that time out when trying to control, ‘network errors’ when trying to control devices, need to force close the app and reopen to get it to update, widgets that don’t function properly, and more.

I’ve got a bunch of tickets in with support. They’ve had me send logs and tell me it’s with their engineering team.

A response last week told me that I had some device handlers that were sending errors. They can’t tell me what errors but suggested I update the DTHs. Many are older custom applications, some are stock virtual devices. I’ve updated a couple, but as expected, there’s been no change to app performance. The web app and Home Remote continue to be very fast, but I want to use the Smartthings app for STHM and widget control.

Anyone having any luck getting the iOS app functioning properly recently?


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Same here. iOS app has been atrocious. Very slow to update and crashes a lot.

This version has been better than the last for me, but my wife and I are still having logout issues. Device status could definitely update faster.

The only issue I see is updating device status has been very slow from time to time.

Not sure if I had posted this before here, but this is more than “slow to update” for me:

What device is controls entry light? What device handler is being used?


It’s a Centralite switch using the built-in “Zigbee switch” DTH.

I wish it were only one, it can be any device. I could repeat that same scenario with my GE z-wave light switches using the built-in “Zwave switch” DTH. It happens with virtual switches using built-in DTH. Also with custom devices and DTHs. I can see it with STHM too - change STHM mode with a Scene, and the display in the app doesn’t update properly.

It’s consistently inconsistent. I can anticipate it will happen upon first-open of the app, sometimes when the app is open but has been in the background for a while. Sometimes devices all suddenly switch to “Downloading…” or “Checking status…”, not clear what triggers this and what benefit it has on status and controllability.

the iOS app is unusable for me, most of my devices just say “checking status” I found a third party app called “home remote” and all of my devices are now instant, zero lag.

How can the official Smartthings app have such trouble and be unuseable, but a third party app work flawlessly?

If you are experiencing crashes please report them to support so the bugs can be funneled up to the devs. They should already have crash reports but it can help prioritize fixes for specific crashes and issues. We’ve also reported the issue with the iOS app’s performance being slow and an issue where devices won’t load until the app is force quit. Thanks for the help and patience!

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Reported multiple times over the past couple of months. Only responses I’ve gotten have suggested reinstalling the app or updating DTHs. No acknowledgment of a problem with the app yet…