Android ST App Logging out consistently


I see a thread for this issue relating to the ST app logging people out on IOS devices iOS app logging out consistently

I have the same issue on my Android device, whereby I have to keep entering my eMail and password. Is anyone else having this issue on Android?

I have done the whole, stop the app. Clear the cache, clear the data, delete the app and redownload but I still encounter the same annoying re-logging in requirement.

I think it must be a issue on your phone.
I have it installed on 3 android devices and not had that problem.
Not sure what else you could try as you’ve tried the obvious , maybe it’s another app causing it

Go to Settings / Apps on your phone and select SmartThings and look at Permissions. Do you have Contacts, Location and Storage Enabled? I just disabled ALL 3 and that creates the scenario that forces you to Login to SmartThings.

Oops. I didn’t reply to you directly. See my post above this one. When installing the ST App, does your phone ask you about any of the specific permissions above to allow or deny? Anyway check to see if those permissions are enabled in the app.

Thought I hit the right Reply link…

@Steveuk23 it might indeed be. I’m running android nougat.

@wb70 I just checked the permissions. For contacts it was set to prompt, display on screen was denied and so was interacting with my wan. I’ve turned them all on now, logged out and relogged back in. Shall be interesting to see if it makes a difference.

I have two Android phones Motorola Droid Maxx with Marshmallow and Motorola z Force with Nougat. No issues with either. I can reproduce your issue on both of my phone’s by disabling permissions. Not sure if it’s one or all of the permissions, so I would just make sure that you have all 3 enabled and you shouldn’t have an issue. You can easily check by doing a force stop on SmartThings right now and then select your SmartThings app again and see if it opens up directly to your home screen without asking for a login

@WB70 spot on, not being logged out of the app any more. Many thanks for the running your test and suggesting to make those changes.

Makes it such a pleasure to use the app again.

Appreciate it, Cheers.

Good tip. I’ll try this.

Now, if someone can tell me how to removed old, unused and sent back Z wave devices from the screen, I’ll be very happy.

Remove device doesn’t work. Force Remove doesn’t work.

My screen is clogged with old stuff I no longer have. Why can’t I click and delete?

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