SmartThings app logging out all the time!

Almost every time I use ST, the app logs out (Android 6.0.1). This has only just started happening. Is this by design or a problem?

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I’ve been having the problem on iOS also.

Similar problems here. It seems that the issue has not really been fixed.

Same problem here too, iOS 10.1
Driving me nuts… seems that whenever the app cannot contact the server it logs you out unilaterally…

Don’t forget to re-enable those iOS widets and watch routines :slight_smile:

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There are some additional improvements to this forthcoming for iOS but there do seem to be a higher than expected number of reports, including Android.

If you guys can submit a support ticket (or PM me) with your username and whether you’re onAndroid or iOS, we can take look.

It also might be helpful if you send in OAuth logs. Support >> Help Us Debug >> Send OAuth Logs in the mobile app (currently Android only).

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Seeing the same thing here on Android phones and tablets. Obviously, it also knocks out using the phones as presence detectors.

Same problem occurring on Windows Phone.

Same on windows phone