Smartthings Android app update v1.7.63.22 [March 4, 2021]

New version of the app arrived, let’s hope it solves the Sunrise/sunset issue and some others as well. No notice for the app yet.

What’s new from Play Store:

Flex IoT life with SmartThings.

We’ve got some new features and we’ve upgraded our menu to provide better service.

What is for sure, it hasn’t fixed my issue by being able to see any Scenes in the Android Auto screen. As I sad before smoke and mirrors. New features everywhere without complete and bug free implementation.

Not available for me yet. I usually, but not always, get it much later than it appears here.

Curiously the Galaxy Store still has the old version but dates it as March 5th.

Hahaha, another well done!

This is the Play Store.

Not available to me yet but I am getting more problems from God knows where
Companion apps won’t work
StHM now won’t let me configure anything in its settings
Try to use Bixby automation with a ST device and Bixby crashes ??
Something recently has changed and affected a lot of my useage

UI One 3.1, I guess. (And Android 11.)

It must be ! And there’s nothing I can do about fixing the issues which is a real frustration

And it is all SAMSUNG! :angry:

Yeah gota agree with that, pretty sure the ST part is solid, these issues I have appear to be more O/s related

6 months (and a day) after the release of Android 11 and the app still has this bug:

I’ve already filed a couple support cases related to this over the last few months.

@blake.arnold when are we going to start seeing some bug fixes?

What’s it trying to download? A plug in for a device ?
Also, what’s that basket icon for at the top of your screenshot ?

This error occurs on any device that requires an extra controller to be downloaded in order to open up the detail view. For me, this is my Schlage door lock, as well as my Samsung TVs. This error has occurred ever since my phone (Pixel 3xl) updated to Android 11. Support initially said it was because Android 11 was too new and not everyone supported it right away, but Samsung themselves are now pushing Android 11 so there shouldn’t be any reason to not support it now.

The basket icon takes me to a store page:

Are both your Tvs 6 series ? and have you tried removing them from ST, reseting the Tv to factory and re adding the Tvs with the plus symbol

The series 6 does not conect like the new Tvs, it was the only way I found of connecting the 6 series and I’m sure I never got asked to DL anything to control it

I have a 6 and 7 series, both conect differently

I’ve looked at my wife’s phone which runs Android 11 and UI One 3.1 (I haven’t updated my phone yet.) And I haven’t seen the download pop-up. Instead I could see this when I opened a few devices.

I’ve just updated the SmartThings app to the latest version and it still runs UI from 20+ versions before (1.7.41-207)…

@blake.arnold, this is a Samsung Galaxy S10 running the latest version of Android 11 and UI One 3.1 from Samsung. Don’t you think that someone should pull together this … and make it work as it expected?

At least this has been fixed by this version of the app:

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I’m struggling to see any ‘new features’ or what is ‘upgraded’ about whatever ‘the menu’ is.


Yeah me too. Cannot find anything…

Don’t know what’s you re talking about, i always have pop corning no matter what! I have a local automation with 4 zigbee switches. They are super fast but they come on in sequence.

Smartthings button with 4 sonoff zigbee minis.

Here is a video showing what i am talking about.

I guess you haven’t read the topic. It is not about popcorning. It is about delayed lights behave in sequence instead of together.

To improve your issue, try to add those into a light group, it might would improve.