Android app - can't add device manually (white screen)


Newbie here!
Just got my ST hub delivered a couple of days ago and have so far been able to setup and connect with my phone and pair with a Xiaomi Aqara wireless wall switch, with custom device handler from the community.
Also had a Neo Coolcam NAS-PD02W motion sensor delivered, which is giving me a headache when trying to pair. I read and tried to follow the guide on how to connect Wifi-devices but can’t get past the step “Add device manually” since this generates a white screen in the app for about 2-3 sec and then it defaults back to the “Looking for devices” screen. On top of that I discovered that Marketplace doesn’t show anything either, its all empty. The PIR connects and is fully functional in native TuyaSmart app.

Anyone have any ideas whats going on here?
Running latest ST Classic app on Sony Xperia XZ1, latest available update installed, Android 8.0, located in Sweden.

How do you know / Why do you think … that this Device is compatible with SmartThings?

(Arbitrary WiFi devices are less likely to be compatible than arbitrary ZigBee HA and Z-Wave.)

From what I can read in this thread it can be paired with the ST Hub and there is a DH available. Although it doesn’t say exactly how to pair, and me being a newbie on all this I’m in need of help with this.

Also, just got the categories under “Add device manually” and the Marketplace working after reset and reinstalling the hub.

Your linked thread is for the z-wave version.

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Thank you for pointing that out Jimmy, missed it completely.

I’ll have a look at IFTTT then since the sensor supports that.
Thank for all the help.

I am also facing the “white screen” splash while trying to pair ST outlet using “ST classic app” on android …
Now trying with the other ST app…
Any clue ?