Xiaomi Aqara Motion Sensor - Trouble Adding to ST


I have Smartthings Hub v1, and have 30 odd Xiaomi devices added to this setup using the a4refillpad DTH - they all work great. I am now trying to add two additional Aqara Motion Sensors to the setup but i cannot for the life of me get them connected. I have followed all the helps topics, hold for 3 seconds, wait press again - replaced batteries, but still nothing showing up in CatchAll.

Has anyone else had this problem, it is driving me crazy!


You may be running into a zigbee device limit. You can only connect so many devices directly to the hub, and then you need to add a zigbee repeater, like IKEA’s plug, to add more Zigbee devices. I don’t have any Xiaomi devices, but I’ve read that the IKEA plug works well with them. Search the community for more information about these devices and the IKEA plug.

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Ah - that would make sense! I will do, thanks.

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Also, open the device handler in IDE and publish for Me on it again. Then try to add your sensors.

Thanks, tried this but with no luck. I haven’t managed to get the Ikea plug yet so maybe that will help.

My money is on that! I bet it will.

It never hurts to try a fresh battery. Especially if you didnt install the last one yourself recently.

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Plugged in, connected to ST natively - 2 minutes later motion sensor pops up as catchall :slight_smile: i actually plugged in two sockets at different sides of the house to be sure.

Thanks again for your help! No more head scratching.

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