Neo Coolcam motion sensor support?

Hi! I just bought the Neo Coolcam ( motion sensor. It is getting paired as a door/window sensor…
Anyone know if there is a device handler for this?

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Change the device handler…

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Did any of you found the right handler ?

I was looking at investing in a few of these should they work. Any updates ?

to add to above my items arrived from Banggood for £22 each and connected straight away, i changed the device handler to z wave motion sensor and there great.

I think I read somewhere that these has lux sensor? Do they? And how can get use of it?

yes they have humidity too. i have set up one in my bathroom using Lux and humidity settings through core. humidity sets of my fan using a sonoff inline switch. works ok but still playing with getting the levels right.


Wich DH did u use?

I use the Fibaro Motion Sensor ZW5 Device handler. i was mistaken on the humidity i use a separate device for that. But Fibaro works good for lux.

sorry im new to ST Still learning everything. I have NOT used a device handler, i just changed my device to a fibaro motion sensor.


Many Thanks… cscheiene

Hi Gary, with the Fibaro DH do you get a Temperature reading?

Not much info out there but some of the sales listings for the sensors state ‘Temperature’ in the title so wondering if it actually reports Temp. or not?


No… im not sure the coolcam supports temp. they look identical “almost” to my fibaro but no sadly not…

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TKB 3 in 1 door sensor TSM01 or 3 in 1 motion sensor both have lux and temp. sensor, if you still need such sensors, I will be glad to recommend how to get them

Any ability to control this AmbientIlluminationLuxLevel, parameter default = 3, value from 1 to 5. How to adjust this, set the motion outside, since it is giving indoor and outdoor installation specifications, and every 3 minutes, the motion goes off w/ the message saying “Backdoor Illuminance is xxxx LUX”… Need to reduce the notifications to strictly Motion, or at least reduce this to the point that is doesn’t go off every 3 minutes.

Anyone fix this, or have any suggestions on how to control Motion and LUX sensititivity on this Indoor/Outdoor Coolcam PIR Motion Sensor?

Thank you in advance, for your time and support

try the zooz mini sensor handler here. looks like the same device


Yeah, looks very similar to the zooZ. From the manual, even the config parameters line up. Try the handler I created and change the “Light Trigger Level” to 0 to see if that disables it.

The zooZ has a separate “Light Trigger” parameter that the Neo manual doesn’t mention, but try setting it to “Disable” as well.

Do you need to buy a Neo Coolcam gateway as well? Or I can connect it straight to Smartthings? I would like to buy a switch as a price looks nice.

They connect straight to ST as Z-Wave devices, you do not need the gateway. Some will work out the box with the DH ST assigns however to get the best out of them I would use a Custom DH as mentioned above or search the Community… :slight_smile:

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