Inovelli 2-Channel Outdoor Smart Plug - Can't connect to the device. Check it and try again

Hi @Eric_Innovelli =) I’m having a bit of trouble I hope you can help me with.

I installed the 2-Channel outdoor plug as per the instructions in the box, and got the three Z-Wave Multichannel devices to show up in ST on my Android. I quickly noticed that none of the devices were showing an on/off status like my other switches. Upon tapping one of the devices, I got “Can’t connect to the device. Check it and try again.”. I hadn’t moved or unplugged the device, and every other device was still working nicely.

I did a bunch of research and ran through the instructions on your site - signed up for the IDE, added the handler, removed and re-added the device, etc… The devices are always using the new handlers, but end up with the same problem - they all appear, but when I tap them, I get “can’t connect”.

I went straight to your github repo for this plug and got the latest handler (updated yesterday I believe), but still, same problem.

I’m really not sure where to go from here - do you have any ides as to what I can try next?

Thanks in advance!

I am not 100% sure here but will throw this out while waiting for Eric. Which app are you using, classic or the new one? If your using the new app, I don’t think that it will use custom device handlers yet. I believe you would have to set these up in the classic app.

Hey! Yup, I’m using the new app - just got ST and all of the devices in the past month or so, so I’ve never even seen the classic app. Any idea if/when ST will once again support these little guys?

I have two of these ( just got a second one last night) and the first one set up flawlessly and has worked great. I’ve lost all my routines after getting the new SmartThings connect app and I now cant connect to my first Inovelli nor the new one. The old one still seems to be running its routine though… When I log into the Samsung Classic app NONE of my devices appear. hoping to get help on here with all this as my work schedule seems to conflict with most of their support hours and haven’t heard back via email support…

There isn’t a published timeline indicating when the new app will be complete. I know people have gone back to the “Smartthings Classic” app from the new app (or are running both concurrently) but I am not sure how to set that up. When they migrated me to the new login I continued with the classic app because the new app wasn’t completed yet. I’m sure someone will come in here and offer advice on how to get set up in the classic app.

Check this thread. They are talking about getting the classic app set up around post #20. You will need to download Smartthings Classic.

Hey guys! Okay, thanks for the help - I just downloaded the classic app and it has all kinds of things that the new app doesn’t - going to use it until someone tells me otherwise.

Also, I currently have both apps installed, and it doesn’t seem to be causing any trouble (yet).

I can also control the sub-switches using Google Home and the scenes from ST classic.

Win/win for me! Thanks again for the quick help.


Love the classic app- hope they dont shut it down anytime soon. I just spent two nights figuring out why none of my devices showed up in my classic app after installing the new one … holler if that issue happens to you ! was kinda confusing at first

Your welcome. I would recommend using the classic app exclusively. They are not going to deprecate it until the new app is done. They are supposed to let is know when it’s time to switch. I would probably also limit myself to only using custom device handlers when you really need them. I have seen some discussion lately about some custom device handlers that may not be supported in the new app, though no one knows for sure.