Android App 2.1.1

Are there release notes?

SmarthThings Android 2.1.1 includes bug fixes and overall performance improvements for enhance stability

Performance seems improved, back to what is was several months ago.

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You are fast! Just updated fliboard not even an hour ago…and 2.1.1 wasn’t there…now it is

One thing I noticed right after update! @bravenel 's Rule doesn’t succumb if you back out without clicking done! Major victory to get a functionality back that got screwed by the 2.1.0 update…

Here goes nothing… Update button pressed!

“error loading smart apps”?, nope, not fixed…
“scroll stuck, almost forever”?, nope not fixed…
“custom device crashes app”, nope not fixed…


Seems odd to release before weekend and no release notes.

@Mike_Maxwell See this new thread

Tiny text on secondary control on.multi attribute tile which was supposed to be fixed is not … still not readable on newer phones. I have lots of custom device types which do not crash my app. If yours are I recommend checking the ide log to see if there are any relevant messages.

For example of txt issue on sgs 5

At least for me smartapps fail to load 4 out of 5 times… ie…

I would like to retract my previous post (yes I know I can delete it). @bravenel the update 2.1.1 further destroyed the Rule. Can someone create a simple trigger with periodic set for 3pm? I am no longer able to use periodic. Every time I try, I get the red banner and rule becomes corrupt.

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So finally even smart things developers realize that every release just introduces new bugs. They used to announce new releases with a list of improvements. Now they just start an “issues with x.x.x release” release thread. Gotta love that !


For scroll stuck at least for me it works if you scroll fast with your finger once…

They issued release notes saying it was fixed? I must have missed it. In any event, my experience is the same as yours:


Same here, though maybe I haven’t tested it long enough. I could previously reproduce it 100% of the time if I opened the app cold after clearing cache, then went to My Home > Dashboard > My Home > Things. So far, so good.


The 2.1.1 only contained a hotfix that fix a hub claim issue. The fixes for most of the issues described in the other 2.1.1 thread will be rolled out in the next full release.

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What the heck is a hub claim issue ?

Customers got to the “Enter Claim Code” screen on the mobile app and could not proceed with setup.

I will respectively point out that would have been a far better “Whats New” than the generic message that everyone saw in the Play store:

SmartThings Android 2.1.1 includes bug fixes and overall performance improvements for enhanced stability.

A better release note on the app would have avoided dozens of people testing out if fixes for many other issues had gotten into the release, and avoided lots of frustration and negative feedback.


So why you didn’t say that from the beginning instead of giving people false hopes that annoying glitches have been fixed. And if that was the ONLY change, then how come new issues are popping up. Really @jody.albritton I am sorry I know you guys are under pressure of various deadlines, but it would be fair to your customer base if you guys are honest and stip trying to cover up for others’ incompetence.

I am passing along information as I have it. I have raised an issue internally about the release notes saying “bug fixes and improvements”, when there was really only one bugfix (that I have discovered). I don’t work on the mobile team, so like many others, I thought there were other changes in the update.


Shouldn’t someone who does work on the mobile team be responsible for communicating what was done to the community ? There is nothing more annoying then being given false information and then later being told “well it’s not really my job so I don’t really know” Like others here not blaming you personally just pointing the flaws in the way Smart Things is being managed.

There’s more to it than you have been told. Below are screenshots taken under identical conditions (i.e., screen off, 100% battery, phone in same location ~ 12’ from wifi router) 1 hour after a device reboot. They show cpu wakelocks consumed by the ST app. The first one is from v2.1.0 of the mobile app; the second one is 2.1.1. Notice the additional “GeofencePendingIntentWakeLock” in 2.1.1. All of them except “AlarmManager” are related to mobile presence (the “Nlp” stands for Network Location Provider), so apparently there were changes made there that people should be aware of.

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Hey @Mr_Lucky,

Just want to alleviate any concerns you had about the changes to the mobile app in this 2.1.1 release. I wrote the hotfix for the hub claiming issue & can verify that the only changes made were related to that.