RE: Android 2.0.3 - Release Notes - 10/06/2015

Continuing the discussion from Android 2.0.3 - Release Notes - 10/06/2015:

Glad to see that the Android app has not been forgotten or abandoned - slow but steady progress. However, I think prioritization of issues should be paramount. Two fixes devoted to second location - really?? Considering the multitude of things that don’t work or don’t work correctly, it seems odd. For example, I haven’t even seen acknowledgement from ST that PRIMARY_CONTROL rendering is hosed in Android. With the number of people that have complained and the fact that you show iOS screenshots in the Google Play store for the Android app indicates ST is obviously aware of the issue. And what about the fact that Secondary Control does not render in Android unless you use type:“lighting”? See my post at Migration to V2 - Hurdles and Best Practices, and confirmed/reported further down the page by @unixbeast.

And how about the matter of inconsistent or non-existant reordering within screens? AFAICT, the only screens that can be reordered are Dashboard and Rooms… but in a totally different way from each other. All screens should be reorderable in a consistent manner. Also, “Rooms” simply don’t work for many people. The functionality is fine, but it just doesn’t fit with the way I (and others) do things. Just make the title user-editable and I think many people will be completely fine with it (I will!).

The strong suit of ST has always been its configurability and ability for users to install and run custom device handlers and smartapps. Lately, it seems ST is moving away from that, and enforcing “their way” of doing things I think it’s a bad move for users and a bad move for the business.